Riddim Driven ~ Heathen Riddim
VP Records-Groove Attack
May 18, 2007

Track list
  1. Church Heathen - Shaggy
  2. The Pastor - Ninja Man
  3. Lef Dem To Time (Radio) - Elephant Man feat. Jigsy
  4. Bangin' Tree - Red Fox
  5. Love Machine (Radio) - Rik Rok & Screechy Dan
  6. Stop The Fighting - Richie Stephens & Assassin
  7. Juvenile - Ky-Enie
  8. Boomerang Nanny - Rayvon
  9. Caan Fool Gal No More - Goldenchyl
  10. The Gospel - Shelly Thunder
  11. In Da Club - D'Lynx
  12. Gal Alone - Wayne Fire
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
With classic organ sounds, a church choir and church clocks producers Tony 'CD' Kelly and Shaun 'Sting International' Pizzonia enhanced (together with other musicians Christopher 'Longman' Bird and Maurice Gregory) the '(Church) Heathen'-riddim for Shaggy and Robert Livingston's Big Yard label, that backs Shaggy's mega-hit "Church Heathen" on which his delivery and this riddim melt together for a superb dancehall tune against hypocrisy (of so called Christians). Ninjaman in his inimitable style recycles much of those lyrics for the very entertaining "The Pastor" and then the "Lef Dem To Time (Radio)" edit of Elephant Man's tune featuring Jigsy, in which the words kill and sodomite have been carefully removed, fails to impress, just like Shaggy-sound-a-like Red Fox' "Bangin' Tree".

Rik Rok & Screechy Dan deliver the very catchy "Love Machine (Radio)", unfortunately in its edited version as well, before Ky-Enie chips in with "Juvenile" and has had better tunes in the past for Big Yard than this effort. Rayvon's "Boomerang Nanny" is lyrically (slack and) entertaining, but the delivery also seems a bit more lacklustre than his usual high entertainment value, before Big Yard's newcomer (this is his 3rd tune and his 3rd tune for Big Yard) Goldenchyl convinces with "Caan Fool Gal No More" and late 80s veteran female DJ Shell(e)y Thunder chatting like she's never been away in her warning for the heathen in the very nice "The Gospel". Newcomers D'Lynx make a satisfying debut with "In Da Club" before early 90s veteran closes this album with the mediocre "Gal Alone".

The (Church) Heathen-riddim is a wonderful riddim, but unfortunately only half of the (only 11) tunes across it are also great (to superb as in Shaggy and Ninjaman a.k.a. Brother Desmond's case).