Various artists album review
Cultural Merger Volume IV
Walboomers Records
06 - 09 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Morgan Heritage - My God & King
  2. Freddie McGregor - What's Come Over Me
  3. George Nooks - Signs Of The Time
  4. Anthony B & Little Devon - Angel In Your Eyes
  5. Tony Rebel - Good For Your Heart
  6. Aaron Silk - Struggling Is A Must
  7. Sizzla - Treat You Like A Lady
  8. Glen Washington - I'll Sing My Song
  9. Josie Mel - I Adore You
  10. Turbulence - Feeling Da Vibes
  11. Tamlins - Queen Of The Minstrel
  12. Mikey General - Never Give Up
  13. Ce'Cile - Handle It Ruff
  14. Lymie - Bless And Set It
  15. Paul Elliott - Try Justice
  16. Saba - Health & Life
  17. Swade - Don't Wanna Lie
  18. Anthony Cruz - Don't Do Me (aka Lost In Love)
  19. Gandi - African Woman
  20. Madd Anju - Sugarcane
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The fourth installment in Walboomers Records' "Cultural Merger" series contains tracks that earlier appeared as 7" singles on the "Energy Beat" label. All songs included on this compilation set are produced by Richard Burgess aka "Richie B" with riddims laid by experienced musicians such as Firehouse Crew, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, David Madden, Paul Kastick, Computer Paul and Dalton Brownie. Here you'll find four riddims, two fresh originals and the refurnished versions of The Ethiopians' "The Whip" and Cornell Campbell's "Queen Of The Minstrel". Especially the latter is a truly wicked contemporary version which underpins Morgan Heritage's outstanding cultural piece "My God & King" and furthermore Glen Washington's solid "I'll Sing My Song", the well performed straight forward cover version of The Tamlins, Lymie's above par cut "Bless And Set It" and the entertaining lovers tunes "Don't Wanna Lie" by Swade and "Don't Do Me That" by Anthony Cruz.
"The Whip", the other updated classic riddim around, first drops on George Nooks' "Signs Of The Time". Although it's a decent tune worth of hearing, there's an annoying problem with the sound quality. So, let's turn to the next tune across the riddim. "Struggling Is A Must" is a great tune by the non-prolific singer Aaron Silk, who in some parts of the song sounds like his sorely missed brother, the great Garnett Silk. Then Josie Mel's "I Adore You", a nice effort from this much promising artist that deals with matters of the heart. With Saba's "Health & Life" and "African Woman" by newcomer Gandi we're treated to two decent cuts for the riddim.
Also present here is a dancehall oriented riddim with an appealing funky groove. Best tunes over this original riddim are the combination tune Angel In Your Eyes" by Anthony B & Little Devon, "Treat You Like A Lady" by Sizzla and Madd Anju's "Sugarcane", with also Turbulence and Ce'Cile delivering nice pieces well worth hearing.
Freddie McGregor's solid lovers tune "What's Come Over Me", performed in the reggae veteran's well known style, is the first out of four efforts over an enjoyable lovers rock style riddim. Mikey General's "Never Give Up" is a great message tune, with "Good For Your Heart" by Tony Rebel and also Paul Elliot's "Try Justice" being matching cuts.
A noteworthy collection of tunes well worth checking out!

Teacher & Mr. T.