Cold Times Riddim
Icedrop Records
Digital Release
May 15, 2015

Track list
  1. Lutan Fyah - One More For The Road
  2. Natasja & Little Hero - One Love
  3. Mykal Rose - Give A Thanks
  4. Niyorah - Calculate
  5. King Kong - Crime Don't Pay
  6. Mitch - These Are The Needs
  7. Warrior King - Too Much Killing
  8. Koxx - We Will Be Together
  9. Echo Minott - Judge & Jury
  10. Jah Mason - So Much Trouble
  11. Chezidek & Chappa Jan - Some Of Us
  12. Cali P - Healing
  13. Junior Natural - Rise
  14. Ward 21 - Pass Me The Grades
  15. Prezident Brown - My Confidence
  16. Martei Korley - Jah Protect The Weak
  17. VC - 20 To Life
  18. J.R. King - Fyahs
  19. Paradax - Them No Want That
  20. Ky-Enie - If It's Jah Will
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
A whopping riddim project comes from the production duo Jahdil and Pharphar of Icedrop Records. No less than 20 cuts from a variety of artists are voiced on the "Cold Times Riddim", which - as far as we know - is the very first release from the Denmark-based record label.

The "Cold Times Riddim" is actually a remake of the Pharphar produced Reggae/Hip Hop riddim "Morning" that came out in 2008 on the Food Palace Music label, which then already featured Echo Minott's "Judge & Jury", Warrior King's "Too Much Killing" aka "Signs Of Time", Jah Mason's "So Much Trouble" and "One Love" by Natasja & Little Hero. In its remixed form the riddim is a far better backdrop than the original. With its blend between Rocksteady and Roots and the addition of a subtle touch of Nyabinghi, it has been turned into a gorgeous Reggae riddim.

Apart from the above mentioned four tracks, a few others featured here are already known from other releases. These include Niyorah's "Calculate" (from his recent "Rising Sun" album) and Cali P's "Healing" (from his 2014 released "Healing Of The Nation EP"). Sometimes signs of boredom come up when you have to listen to a huge amount of tunes on the same riddim, but this surely isn't the case here. Of course, not every track is a winner, but you never get the feeling that less is definitely more. The opener, the ganja anthem "One More For The Road" sees Lutan Fyah putting in a highly skilled performance, while Ky-Enie at the end of this set comes up with the solid "If It's Jah Will". Between these two tracks there are a few strong efforts to enjoy. These include Niyorah's "Calculate", King Kong's "Crime Don't Pay", Warrior King's "Too Much Killing", Echo Minott's "Judge & Jury", Prezident Brown's "My Confidence", Martei Korley's "Jah Protect The Weak" and VC's "Rise".

The "Cold Times Riddim" is a delightful 'one riddim' set without any filler material.