Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations ~ Come Back Darling
2 CD
January 19, 2007

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Come Back Darling - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  2. Fish Mouth - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  3. Scarface - Johnny Organ & The Love People
  4. Power And The Glory - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  5. One Day (You'll Need My Kiss) - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  6. Red Sunset - Tommy McCook & Carl Bryan/Love People
  7. Warrior - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  8. If It's Not Love - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  9. Don Juan - Tommy McCook & Carl Bryan/Love People
  10. Foolish Plan - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  11. See And Blind - Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations
  12. Bewitched - Johnny Organ & The Love People
  13. Pork Chops - Johnny Organ & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  14. You're My Everything - Pat Kelly & The Techniques
  15. Find Yourself A Fool - Winston Francis & The Shades
  16. El Dora - Boris Gardiner & The Love People
  17. If It's Not True - Boris Gardiner & The Love People
  18. Man Of My Word - Pat Kelly & The Techniques
  19. Something Tender - Johnny Organ & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  20. What Am I To Do - Pat Kelly & The Techniques
  21. Time Has Come - Pat Kelly & The Techniques
  22. Reason Why - The Techniques
  23. Hi There - Boris Gardiner & The Love People
  24. Baby Don't Say Goodbye - The Techniques
  25. Just One Smile - The Sensations
  26. Work Song - The Sensations
  27. Everywhere Everyone - The Shades
  28. Let Me Remind You - The Shades
  29. Hot Shot - Carl Bryan & Tommy McCook/Love People
  30. Never Gonna Give You Up - The Shades
  31. I'll Always Love You - The Shades
Disc 2

  1. Who You Gonna Run To - The Shades
  2. Memories Of Love - Johnny Organ & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  3. Wanted - Baba Dice
  4. I Know A Girl - The Shades
  5. Where Were You (When The Lights Went Out) - The Sensations
  6. Sweet Soul Special - Carl Bryan & Tommy McCook/Love People
  7. Watch This Music - Carl Bryan & Tommy McCook/Love People
  8. Silhouettes - The Sensations
  9. I Never Knew - The Mad Lads
  10. Mother Nature - The Mad Lads
  11. Crazy Rhythm - Winston Wright & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  12. So Afraid (Of Love) - The Mad Lads
  13. Dyabilic - Carl Bryan& Boris Gardiner/Love People
  14. Instrumental - Carl Bryan & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  15. War Boats (Are Sailing) - The Sensations
  16. Mr. Blue - The Sensations
  17. Lonely Place - Johnny Organ & Boris Gardiner/Love People
  18. Little Bit Of Something - The Techniques
  19. I Specialise In Good Girls - The Techniques
  20. I Don't Know Why I Love You - The Sensations
  21. Peep In A Pot Fire - The Coons
  22. Think You're Smart - The Coons
  23. You'll Get Left - The Coons
  24. Soul Groover - Alton Ellis
  25. Bad One - Ansel Collins & The Love People
  26. Point Blank - Ansel Collins & The Love People
  27. I'll Be Waiting - Alton Ellis
  28. Top Secret - Winston Wright & Techniques All Stars
  29. It's Your Thing - Alton Ellis
  30. Horns Of Paradise - Trammy & The Techniques All Stars
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 3
There is a lot of debate amongst serious reggae fans about Trojan, concerning whether they are "cheapening" the deep worth of the genre by packaging rare reggae music as a "fast buck" commodities project. Particularly vocal in the debate are talented foundation authors and journalists like the much under appreciated Penny Reel.

Whichever side one takes in the debate -- one simply can't ignore the immaculate quality of the music itself, even though sound quality is not always what it should be.

How does this album stand up? Being frank -- it is by no means as strong as Johnny Osbourne's classic period. It doesn't come anywhere close to his later work for Jammy's, Tubbys and Coxsonne. Some of it sounds like typically conventional soul edged reggae of the period, some of it has edges of early roots ("Warrior" and "He Who Keepeth His Mouth"), whilst other tracks simply sound too much like music from an uptown Kingston hotel lobby in the early 70's. Having said that -- serious followers of Osbourne will certainly enjoy seeing the origins of such a talented artist as Osbourne. The seeds of what was later to blossom into an individual and consistently strong talent are apparent in a number of these songs.

Curiously enough, the valuable contributions on the album come not from Osbourne -- but from other artists involved in the project. There are some deeply impressive horns led instrumentals here, which make the album essential purchase for the Jazz/Drummond/Skatalites/Tommy Mccook fans amongst you. These song structures begin as deep and mentally involved ska pieces, then veer away from trad reggae into far deeper folk and perhaps klezmer influenced territory.

Also distinctive here are the contributions from the deeply under appreciated, under rated Pat Kelly (singer of the existential "If It Don't Work Out" and "Dark End Of The Street"), who sounds like Curtis Mayfield one moment, like Bim Sherman and Cornell Campbell the next.