Conquera Riddim
Train Line Records
Digital Release
June 8, 2014

Track list
  1. Fyakin - I'm A Conquera
  2. Ghandi - Struggle
  3. Glen Washington - God Of Our Fathers
  4. Little Hero - Mamma
  5. Menny More - Broken Hearts
  6. Perfect Giddimani - Oh Johnny
  7. Phillip Fraser - Coming Home
  8. Pressure Buss Pipe - Conquering Lion
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In recent years Train Line Records has released some real nice dancehall juggling sets like the "Bing Riddim" (2012), "Swag Valley Riddim" (2013), and "Flight Risk Riddim" (2014). However it was with the 2013 released reggae riddim entitled "Psalm 41", which featured Tydal's huge killer "Silent Warrior" a.o., that this record label from Jamaica/Miami FL really attracted our attention. And now Train Line Records comes up with another earcatching reggae juggling called "Conquera Riddim", a great backdrop that deserves to be heard by any reggae fan.

Forerunners in today's reggae arena, Perfect Giddimani and Pressure Buss Pipe, are joined by veterans like Glen Washington, Little Hero and Phillip Fraser, while furthermore up-and-coming artists like Fyakin and Ghandi have voiced a cut on the "Conquera". The latter is a deep and relaxed sounding meditative backdrop with the soothing sound of the wind instruments and the nyabinghi drums in the background. Both Fyakin and Ghanda deliver solid efforts, with Fyakin's "I'm A Conquera" being a slightly better cut. However it's Glen Washington who outmatches both artists with the very strong and inspired sounding "God Of Our Fathers", without any doubt the best track of this set. Sometimes we get a bit bored when when we have to listen to another 'Mamma' song, and here Little Hero can't prevent that signs of boredom come up - mainly due to mediocre lyrics. Matters of the heart are presented by Menny More, whose "Broken Hearts" makes a decent impression. This can also be said about Perfect Giddimani's "Oh Johnny", not a winner but good enough to make this tune worth hearing more than once. "Coming Home" shows that roots veteran Phillip Fraser is still able to deliver a convincing tune, especially when the riddim fully fits his vocal style. Pressure Buss Pipe rounds off in royal style with "Conquering Lion", the second best track of this 'one riddim' set.

Overall opinion is that you won't be disappointed when checking this collection of tunes.