Various artists album review
Conscious Ragga 3

Tracking list

  1. Sizzla - It's A Scenario
  2. Garnett Silk - Hard Nut To Crack
  3. Capleton - Man Bruk (Nyabinghi Mix)
  4. Beenie Man - Ganja Farm
  5. Junior Kelly - Word Power
  6. Various Artists - Peace Cry
  7. Sizzla - Bus Out A Dis
  8. Luciano - Blast Off
  9. Capleton - Say What You Want
  10. Bushman - Fire Pon A Deadas
  11. Bounty Killer - Corrupt System
  12. Morgan Heritage - Crystal Ball
  13. Spectacular - What A Bloodbath
  14. Sizzla - Love The People
  15. Frisco Kid - One And One
  16. Beenie Man - More Prayer
  17. Anthony B - Redder Than Red
  18. Capleton - Run De Place
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Regarding the first two volumes in Greensleeves' infrequent series, a "Conscious Ragga" set is always well worth waiting for, and this third installment is no exception as it documents the conscious side of today's cutting edge reggae music. This brand new selection features the relatively traditional approaches of reggae messengers like Morgan Heritage, Luciano and Bushman as well as the more hardcore ragga riddims of Beenie Man's "Ganja Farm", Sizzla's "Bus Out A Dis" and Frisco Kid's "One And One". Sizzla and Capleton contribute three pieces each, which fully underlines their dominance in contemporary reggae music. While Sizzla showcases his ragga side with cuts for the hardcore dancehall riddims "Drop-Top", "Bushy Bushy" and "Asthma", it is Capleton who delivers solid to excellent efforts in a more roots vein. Truly outstanding is "Say What You Want", delivered over the same backdrop as Garnett Silk's excellent "Hard Nut To Crack", which previously appeared on 12" single. Besides these two topnotch Jamaican artists, it's another big name, Beenie Man, who is presented with more than one piece. Two quality tunes from the Doctor, first the wicked "Ganja Farm" and then the awesome "More Prayer" across the "Intercom/Here I Come" riddim. Reggae vet Jimmy Riley has produced the Junior Kelly piece "Word Power", which happens to be a solid effort. Richie Stephens, Nitty Kutchie, George Nooks, Junior Kelly, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer, Tony Rebel and Morgan Heritage have voiced a wicked medley on the infectious "Jamdown" riddim entitled "Peace Cry". An appealing and also very enjoyable tune which incorporates lyrics from John Holt's classic "Tribal War". Luciano delivers "Blast Off" in his inimitable style, with Capleton riding the very same "Mr. Bassie" riddim to full effect for "Run De Place". Bushman's "Fire Pon A Deadas" is taken from his latest album "Higher Ground" and definitely belongs to that album's best tracks. Bounty Killer's "Corrupt System" is a decent message tune, which is followed by Morgan Heritage with the outstanding, King Jammy produced "Crystal Ball" and the solid Spectacular tune "What A Bloodbath". Frisco Kid's "One And One" is a nice ragga tune, while Anthony B shines in "Redder Than Red", delivered over a fine reworking of the classic "Satta-Masa-Gana" riddim.
Producers include Richie Stephens, Doctor Marshall, Frenchie, King Jammy, Clive Kennedy, Byron Murray & Clifford Smith, Calvin Flowers & Delon Reid, Debbie Harding & Harvel Hart, Richie B and Jimmy Riley.

Teacher & Mr. T.