Various artists album review
Coolie Dance
CD / 2LP
31 - 10 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Elephant Man - Genie Dance
  2. T.O.K. - Unknown Language
  3. Vybz Kartel - Please
  4. Kid Kurrupt - Pride
  5. Bounty Killer - Yuh Gwan
  6. Sizzla - Mama Africa
  7. Wayne Marshall - Fat Infinite
  8. Ce'Cile - Give It To Me
  9. Ward 21 - Nuh Like Wi
  10. Hawkeye - Somebody
  11. Hollow Point - Spree
  12. Madd Anju - Shotta Life
  13. Nymron - Skank
  14. Alozade & G Money - Clean
  15. Kiprich - Dat Man
  16. Jagwa - Feel Good
  17. Red Rat - Round & Round
  18. Frisco Kid - Why
  19. Desperado - More Gal
  20. Cordell "Scatta" Burrell - Coolie Dance Rhythm
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

"Greensleeves Rhythm Album" series presents the freshest new riddim from innovative producer Cordell "Scatta" Burrell, who has already unleashed some real hard hitting streetbeats including "Double Jeopardy", "C-4", "Martial Arts", "Famine" and earlier this year the highly acclaimed "Bad Company" riddim. With the Indian Tantric inspired "Coolie Dance" he delivers a catchy up-tempo backdrop with hypnotic handclaps voiced by a whole heap of Jamaican artists, newcomers as well as established names. When the first tones of the infectious "Coolie Dance" leap off the speakers you'll know that this one is a guaranteed dancefloor filler. So many cuts have already been issued on 7" singles that it would have been possible to release even two compilation sets. Even though this cd treats us to entertaining cuts from the unstoppable Elephant Man, T.O.K., new star Vybz Kartel, Ce'Cile, Wayne Marshall, Ward 21, Frisco Kid, Red Rat and up-and-coming talents Hollow Point and Kid Kurrupt, it's a pity that it lacks such great tunes like Ce'Cile's "Bare As She Dare", Sean Paul's "Feeling Alright", Elephant Man's "Head Gwan", Beenie Man's "Good Woe" and the combination tune "Tianne" by Tanto Metro & Devonte.
Anyway, don't bother about that 'cause there's nuff talent featured here to make it worthwhile checking out.

Teacher & Mr. T.