Crossroads Riddim
Notis Records
Digital Release
December 18, 2015

Track list
  1. Notis HeavyWeightRockaz - Raggy Road
  2. Iba Mahr - Carry It On
  3. Jesse Royal - Bless My Soul
  4. Chezidek - Moving Up
  5. Bushman - Burning Love
  6. Ginjah - Nuh Water Down
  7. Kabaka Pyramid - Too Long
  8. Chevaughn - So Many Rivers
  9. Dre Island - Jah Is Here For Me
  10. Vanessa Lee - Avenues
  11. Morgan Heritage - Lion Order
  12. Jemere Morgan - War
  13. Wayne 'Unga' Thompson & Jason 'BigBass' Welsh - Crossroads Riddim Version
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Wayne 'Unga' Thompson (drummer) and Jason 'BigBass' Welsh (bass), the production duo from Kingston based Notis Records (formerly Notice Productions), are known for producing quality material, which includes juggling projects such as "Heart & Soul Riddim", 'Intransit Riddim" and "Kingston 8 Riddim". After having produced Busy Signal's "Come Over", Iba Mahr's big hit song "Diamond Sox" and Jesse Royal's "Gimmie Likkle", they released their own successful single "Raggy Road" in October 2015. It actually was the first tune from these two musicians who utilize the alias Notis HeavyWeightRockaz, which was not only produced by themselves but also voiced.

The duo got the inspiration for the "Crossroads" riddim while on tour in Europe, and not only used the riddim for their life-inspired tune entitled "Raggy Road" but also engaged the aforementioned Iba Mahr and Jesse Royal along with quite a few well known names in today's reggae arena to voice a cut on this modern roots reggae riddim of high quality. The single "Raggy Road" gets things started and it's once again a joy to listen to this tune as it is a real good one. From there it goes from strength to strength with first Iba Mahr's "Carry It On" and then Jesse Royal's "Bless My Soul" and Chezidek's "Moving Up". All in all a great opening part of this 'one riddim' album, which not only makes that you want to hear more cuts on the riddim. It also raises the question whether the rest of the material is as good as these four tracks. However, there's no question about it... the remaining tracks maintain the quality set by the first four tracks throughout!! In particular Ginjah's "Nuh Water Down", Kabaka Pyramid's "Too Long", Dr Island's "Jah Is Here For Me" and Morgan Heritage's "Lion Order" make a very good impression. But also those not mentioned, including "Avenues" and "War" from newcomers Vanessa Lee and Jeremy Morgan respectively, don't disappoint and are worth hearing

Anyone who loves good reggae music and enjoys lyrical content that matters should check this "Crossroads Riddim" set.