Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica Vol. 3
Skank Records
January 23, 2006

Track list
  1. Nasio Fontaine - Prophet
  2. Ras Attitude - War To Win
  3. Inner Visions - Can You Feel It
  4. Soldiers Of Jah Army - Open My Eyes
  5. Prophet Benjamin - Pretty Boy
  6. Batch - Praises Due
  7. Groundation - Young Tree
  8. Ossie Dellimore - Scandal Mongerer
  9. Jah Roots - One To One
  10. Khari Kill - Jesus
  11. Pressure - No Limitation
  12. Maimon And The Mongoose Band - 1945 extended
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
One of the interesting compilations albums in true roots music is the "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica" series. Skank Productions released yet an other volume inna this series.

The new artists on this next volume of the series are Prophet Benjamin, Khari Kill, Pressure, SOJA, Jah Roots, Batch and Ras Attitude. Returning artists include Nasio Fontaine, Inner Visions, Groundation, Ossie Dellimore and Mongoose (who are now known as Maimon and the Mongoose Band). This album features mostly previous released tunes but you'll also find 2 unreleased song from albums soon-to-be-released.

Nasio Fontaine kicks off this volume with Prophet a great tune from his recent release "Universal Cry". Ras Attitude is going to war with Selassi I by his side on War To Win. Can You Feel It has a true roots vibe with a great bassline. Keep your bass volume up as the next tune kicks in. Open My Eyes delivered by SOJA is one of the gems on this album.

From the slower roots tunes into a quicker song. Prophet Benjamin made a surprising nice sing-a-long tune Pretty Boy. Virgin Island reggae singer Batch brings Praises Due and it's again one of those sweet roots tunes found on this album. Groundation's Young Tree is a quite old song (released in 1999) so it's somewhat of a surprise that it features on this compilation.

The first of the unreleased songs we come upon is Ossie Dellimore's Scandel Mongerer, and it's good to hear from him again. One To One has a nice trumpet that makes Jah Roots' song a lot nicer. Jesus rides a "high calibre" riddim, a nice job by Khari Kill. One of 2005's best newcomers Pressure delivers No Limitation which brings back some sweet memories. The album ends with the second unreleased song 1945 Extended, back to the true roots music and a shining closing tune by Maimon And The Mongoose Band.

Once more Skank has put out an interesting compilation set!