Crystal Woman & Musik Two Riddim Sampler
Rootdown Records-Soulfood Music
September 19, 2005

Track list
    'Crystal Woman'-riddim
  1. Gideon Soldier - Richie Spice
  2. Perfect Love - Chuck Fender
  3. On Our Guard - Jahmali
  4. Player No More - Anthony B.
  5. Got To Be Conscious - Elijah Prophet
  6. When Mi Rise It - Lutan Fyah
  7. Bureaucrazy - Promoe, Cosmic & Tenor Diamond
  8. No Stone Unturned - Lloyd Brown
  9. Life Is A Treasure - Rebellion The Recaller
  10. Reaching Out - Tenor Diamond
  11. Take Care Of My Family (Acoustic Version) - Cali P
  12. It No Matter What They Say - Turbulence
  13. Small World - Elijah Prophet
  14. Musik - Nosliw
  15. Rough Road - Norrisman
  16. Wein Nicht Mehr - Maxim
  17. Under Estimation - Lloyd Brown
  18. My Baby Is Gone - Nattyflo & Jahmeek
  19. Stop The War - Skarra Mucci
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
I first heard the 'Crystal Woman'-riddim on the "Rootdown Allstars Volume 1" album that was released 2 years ago, and the two tracks were also featured on the one month ago released "Crystal Woman Riddim Compilation GSA", "Wie Weit" by Nosliw and Mono's "Soundbwoy Dead". GSA stood for Germany Switzerland Austria, the countries from which all featured artists come, to distinguish it from the in September 2004 partly in Kingston by Teka voiced excellent international leg of tunes on this riddim, now featured on this wonderful two riddim sampler "Crystal Woman & Musik", you can hear some of these tunes on the Crystal Woman Megamix. On this album the excellent one-drop riddim Rootdown Records' producer and label-chef Teka created in 2002 one night revisiting an older guitar-melody and building a programmed riddim-section round it, is heard in its full live drum & bass and horns(!) version it eventually became. Featuring the tunes that have graced many international soundsystems' mixtapes since their release a year ago, we are treated to gems like Fifth Elements's Richie Spice's "Gideon Soldier", Chuck Fender's "Perfect Love", Jahmali's "On Our Guard", Anthony B's pro-condom anti-AIDS statement "Player No More", Elijah Prophet's "Got To Be Conscious", Lutan Fyah's "When Mi Rise It". Sweden's heavily reggae influenced hip hop outfit Looptroop's Promoe & Cosmic alongside Tenor Diamond deliver the very fine "Bureaucrazy" before UK singer Lloyd Brown contributes the beautiful conscious Jah will surely leave "No Stone Unturned" followed by German Gambian Rebellion riding the the riddim for "Life Is A Treasure" in his immediately recognizable style, the to me till now unknown Tenor Diamond solo singing the very convincing "Reaching Out" and Cali P, the Guadeloupe born dancehall singer living in Switzerland closing the selection of tunes on 'Crystal Woman' with the superb acoustic tune "Take Care Of My Family". The second riddim featured on this album is the beautiful 'Musik'-riddim that was also used for the also featured 2nd single of Nosliw's album "Mittendrin" album. Turbulence is the first artist to contribute one of several outstanding tunes on this riddim, the lovers tune "It No Matter What They Say", before Elijah Prophet delivers the heartfelt we are living in a small "Small World" with too many leaders, and Nosliw the excellent tune giving the riddim its name "Musik". Norrisman's conscious "Rough Road" is probably the weakest track on this sampler, but still a very fine tune, followed by Maxim (whose album will be the next Rootdown Records full album length release) delivering the beautiful lovers tune "Wein Nicht Mehr" and Lloyd Brown peaking once more on the beautiful "Under Estimation" of a woman's scorn. Rootdown artist Nattyflo is joined by Söhne Mannheims, House Of Riddim, Uwe Banton's Movements and Brothers Keepers vocalist Jah Meek, for the great "My Babe Is Gone" with its English (Jah Meek) and German (Nattyflo) lyrics alternating. Skarra Mucci, often on duty as MC for Dee Buzz Soundsystem and having scored a big big hit with the Ganglords "Bonx It Pon Me", now contributes the last track "Stop The War" on this absolutely superb two riddim sampler. Despite lacking a clean version of the 'Musik'-riddim, (a clean version of 'Crystal Woman' is available on both the Nosliw "Wie Weit" single and the "Crystal Woman Riddim Compilation GSA", this is another must have Rootdown album for every (roots-)reggae enthusiast.