Crystal Woman Riddim Compilation GSA
Rootdown Records-Soulfood Music
August 22, 2005

Track list
  1. Worte Wie Feuer - Nattyflo
  2. Wie Weit - Nosliw
  3. Gras Ist Legal - Nikitaman
  4. Lass Es Regnen - Lazy Youth
  5. Mi Corazon - Paco Mendoza a.k.a. Criminal
  6. Soundbwoy Dead - Mono
  7. Tausch Ich Mich - Maxim
  8. Stormy Winds - Jahcoustix
  9. I Don't Smoke - Mellow Mark
  10. Jetz Isch Ziit - Phenomden
  11. Leben - Ganjaman
  12. Crystal Woman - Martin Jondo
  13. Nice And Sweet - Wondaprince
  14. Schnee Vo Geschter - Dodo
  15. Hurts So Bad - Bruce Barron
  16. Crystal Woman Version - Thilo 'Teka' Jacks, Martin Rohac, André Meyer, Richie Senior, Gregor Oji & Maxim Richarz
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
I first heard the 'Crystal Woman'-riddim on the "Rootdown Allstars Volume 1" album that was released 2 years ago, under the two tracks also featured on this "Crystal Woman Riddim Compilation GSA", "Wie Weit" by Nosliw and Mono's "Soundbwoy Dead". GSA stands for Germany Switzerland Austria, the countries from which all featured artists come, probably to distinguish it from the in September 2004 partly in Kingston by Teka voiced excellent international leg of tunes on this riddim, Anthony B's "Player No More", Chuck Fender's "Perfect Love", Eliah Prophet's "Got To Be Conscious", Jahmali's "On Our Guard", Lutan Fyah's "When Mi Rise It", German Gambian Rebellion's "Life Is" and Richie Spice's "Gideon Soldier", you can all hear on the Crystal Woman Megamix. On this album the excellent one-drop riddim Rootdown Records' producer and label-chef Teka created in 2002 one night revisiting an older guitar-melody and building a programmed riddim-section round it, is heard in its full live drum & bass and horns(!) version it eventually became. The first three tracks, Nattyflo's anti-establishment tune "Worte Wie Feuer", Nosliw's "Wie Weit" and Nikitaman's "Gras Ist Legal" can be heard on the artists respective albums "Immer Vorwärts", "Mittendrin" and Nikitaman's with Mono shared "Das Spiel Beginnt", before Lazy Youth, who already impressed last year with his debutalbum "Gebe Nicht Auf", delivers the absolutely stunning conscious tune "Lass Es Regnen", probably the best ever German language praise of Jah ever, followed by one half of Caramelo Criminal Paco Mendoza doing great "Mi Corazon" in Spanish. Germany's (although Austrian born) best female dancehall DJ Mono contributes the strong clashtune "Soundbwoy Dead" that can also be found on "Das Spiel Beginnt" is followed by fellow Rootdown artist Maxim, whose album will be released either late this year or early 2006, with the beautiful "Täusch Ich Mich" that was also on the B-side of Jah Mali's "On My Guard" 7". The in Nairobi, Kenia born Dubious Neighbourhood singer AND solo artist Dominik 'Jahcoustix' Haas delivers the prayer for strength "Stormy Winds" expressing wanna be like a tree with roots / unlike a piece of wood inna the ocean, followed by the anti (drug-)police and anti-stereotype ganja tune "I Don't Smoke" by Mellow Mark. Swiss singjay Phenom(enal)Den(nis) Furrer opened his debut album "Fang Ah" with his great lovers tune "Jetz Isch Ziit" and the usual consciousness he stands for is brought by Ganjaman in "Leben" in his characteristic delivery with that characteristic voice that you either love or hate. The now in Berlin living singer of Korean descent Martin Jondo, who impressed with his teaser for an upcoming album the "Rainbow Warrior (EP)", shows what a great singer with the tune with the same naeme as this wonderful riddim "Crystal Woman", raising the interest in his full length debutalbum yet more. The to me unknown singer and DJ Wondaprince delivers the convincing "Nice And Sweet" before one half of Switzerland's Doppelganger, Dominik 'Dodo' Jud proves that Phenomden is not the only one who rides reggae-riddims using Schwytzerdütsch (which is even less comprehensible for untrained ears than Jamaican patios) to full effect on "Schnee Vo Geschter" with great female backing vocals by Suzha. The smooth R&B-ish singing of Cologne's Bruce Barron (who can often be heard and seen alongside Lazy Youth) can be heard on "Hurts So Bad", (unfortunately) the last vocal track on this excellent one-riddim compilation. The "Crystal Woman Version" is included in its clean version, showcasing what an excellent riddim Teka has built and produced, and it's astonishing to hear how most of the tunes on this album are on par with the excellent Jamaican recorded tunes on it. This is a must have, even if you don't understand a word sung/deejayed in German, Spanish, English or Schwytzerdütsch.