Culture Dem 2
Lustre Kings
August 30, 2005

Track list
    'No Politics'-riddim
  1. Man Of Truth - Natty King & Al Pancho
  2. No Politics - Mark Messam
  3. Breath Of Life - Empress Michiboo
  4. Music Is Life - Turbulence
  5. What Will They Think - Luciano
  6. Homegrown - Anthony B
  7. Share Some Knowledge - Jah Mason
    'Alarm Clock'-riddim
  8. See The Wicked Run - Natty King
  9. Straight Up - Natural Black
  10. Welcome To Say - Norrisman
  11. Unity Is Strength - Luciano & Al Pancho
  12. Stress Free - Lutan Fyah
  13. Liberation - Yami Bolo & Capleton
  14. Beauty Of The Beast - Jah Dan Of Noble Society
  15. Never Get Me Down - Jah Mason
  16. Free Up - Jah Marcus
    'Talking Drum'-riddim
  17. Who Yuh - Determine & Rankin' Scroo
  18. Love Ina Yu Heart - Spragga Benz
  19. Spread The Love - Yami Bolo & Lutan Fyah
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Since its emergence in 1999 West Coast's Lustre Kings productions have established themselves as a reggae/dancehall production company and recording label that is known for its quality music with a righteous message. During his college years Corrin "King Corrin" Haskell teamed up with childhood friend Andrew "Moon" Bain to create Lustre Kings Productions. The two friends spent much of their time traveling to Jamaica and began working with some of the top Jamaican artists such as Capleton, Sizzla, Anthony B, Yami Bolo, Luciano, along with much promising newcomers like Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Natty King and Jah Mason to name a few.

In the past six years they've released a notable amount of 7" singles, noteworthy albums from Turbulence ("The Future") and Lutan Fyah ("Time And Place"), and also two compilation albums entiled "Calling Jah Children" and "Culture Dem".

And now here's the second chapter in the "Culture Dem" saga, a truly solid collection of tunes that gives a comprehensive look into what Lustre King Productions have been up to this year.

This cd showcases six riddims -- ranging from solid to great -- blessed by several major Jamaican stars who have taken their place in the forefront of today's reggae music as well as some on the rise. Just like its predecessor from 2002, "Culture Dem 2" does just what the title says, teach Rastafari culture to the masses. Thus it's certainly an entertaining set for all fans of the truly cultural music of the times.

"No Politics", a bubbling rub-a-dub riddim, kicks off this set in real fine style setting the pace for things to come. Natty King in a combination with the upcoming deejay Al Pancho delivers a deadly cut called "Man Of Truth", while the title track is a notable conscious effort delivered by sweet voiced singer Mark Messam. Newcomer Empress Michiboo fully shows potential with the solid tune, "Breath Of Life", and also Turbulence's "Music Is Life" is a decent effort.

Doubtless one of the stand out riddims included here is the "Credential" riddim, actually a remake of the classic riddim that featured Don Carlos singing, "Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Credential" for Channel One in 1976. Singer Luciano delivers a big tune, followed by matching cuts from chanters Anthony B and Jah Mason.

Next drops the "Alarm Clock" riddim with awesome pieces from Natty King and the combination Luciano & Al Pancho.

The "Liberation" riddim is another great backdrop found here with Yami Bolo & Capleton's title track being a real boom tune, while Lutan Fyah's "Stress Free" also is worth of hearing.

Unfortunately this set includes only two cuts for the "Shining" riddim, which proves to be a very good riddim, with Jah Mason and Jah Marcus delivering above par efforts.

This worthy compilation is rounded of by the hip-hop flavored "Talking Drum", one of the latest riddims coming from Lustre Kings productions, with enjoyable tracks from Spragga Benz and the combination duo Lutan Fyah & Yami Bolo.