Culture Shock Riddim
Ghetto Beat
May 19, 2006

Track list
  1. Police & Thieves - Junior Murvin
  2. Glorious - Vokal
  3. Have Dem Worried - Oba Simba
  4. Only You - Cavan
  5. Pray Fi Wi Yard - Noah
  6. Mind Technology - Prezident Brown
  7. Joy - Lenny I
  8. Rural Empress - Brain
  9. Culture Shock Instrumental - Lennox Brown & Bobby Ellis
  10. Culture Shock Riddim - A. Sinclair
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Based on one of my all-time favourite reggae tunes, Junior Murvin's seminal 1976 at the Black Ark by Lee Perry produced "Police & Thieves", that riddim has been relicked by A. Sinclair as 'Culture Shock Riddim' for Ralston 'Noah' Brown's Ghetto Beat Productions. Of course a relick of such a classic riddim could have turned into one big disappointment, but the fact that the album is opened by Junior Murvin himself for a take on his famous "Police & Thieves" should already indicate this is a truly fine effort at recreating the magic, and it is working out indeed. Newcomer Vokal delivers the beautifully sung "Glorious", followed by (known for his releases on France's Special Delivery) Oba Simba's sung and singjayed "Have Dem Worried" and Cavan's prayer to Jah "Only You" which are as well crafted. Producer Ralston 'Noah' Brown himself gives us the excellent oldschool DJ style "Pray Fi Wi Yard", before Prezident Brown, who always is capable of delivering intelligent lyrics in fine style, contributes "Mind Technology". Lenny I's sung "Joy" and Brain's singjayed "Rural Empress" are both fine tunes, however not as strong as the tunes preceding these, yet still promising newcomer's tunes. Lennox Brown's alto-saxophone and Bobby Ellis' trumpet are driven to great heights by these veteran hornsmen as they blow the "Police & Thieves"-melody line on the "Culture Shock Instrumental" before the clean version of the "Culture Shock Riddim" closes this short but very entertaining set of tunes on a reworked and revived all-time classic roots riddim. It is highly recommended to give this album a chance, and once you've done so, it will become hard not to buy it.