Cultura Riddim
Reggae Land
Digital Release
February 26, 2012

Cultura Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Jah Thomas - Strong Ganja
  2. Linval Thompson - Know Your Rights
  3. Ranking Forrest - The Bubbling
  4. John Mouse - Corner Stone
  5. Wayne Daniel & Malijah & Zanda P - Ganjaman Rule
  6. Anthony Que - In This Ya Time
  7. Singer Jah - Prayers 2 The Most High
  8. Jah Mali - Selecta Man
  9. Spectacular - Inna The Mix
  10. Supabassie - Give Thanks & Praise
  11. U-rie - Algo Ha De Cambiar
  12. Txilum & Zanda P - Cultura Accidental
  13. Roberto Sānchez - Cultura Dub
  14. Ranking Forrest - The Bubbling RMX
  15. Linval Thompson - Know Your Rights RMX
  16. U-rie - Algo Ha De Cambiar RMX
  17. Wayne Daniel & Malijah & Zanda P - Ganjaman Rule RMX
  18. Roberto Sānchez - Cultura Dub RMX
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In the past decade Spain has proven to be fertile ground when it comes to expertly producing music that brings back the vintage sound of the '70s and early '80s. In particular the production works of Roberto Sānchez from Santander, which include the compilation set "Oil & Water", Earl Zero's "And God Said To Man", and more recently "From Creation", have drawn notable attention in Spain and abroad. Another prime example of creating a great vintage 'rub-a-dub' sound is the latest (digital) release from Barcelona's Reggae Land label called "Cultura Riddim", in which Roberto Sānchez is involved too as he took care of the mixing.

The 'one riddim' set surprisingly opens with Jah Thomas, an icon of early '80s dancehall who has worked with the Roots Radics, be it as a deejay or as a producer. If you don't know that "Cultura" is a fresh riddim played by the Spanish band Txilum, you would swear it has been laid by the Roots Radics, so it's definitely trusted territory for Jah Thomas. It's obvious that the latter's style of toasting has become outdated as today's dancehall music is on a completely different level. However on riddims like this, Jah Thomas is still able to deliver a solid effort as is shown with the herb tune "Strong Ganja". What has been said about Jah Thomas also goes for another veteran in the business, Linval Thompson. "Know Your Rights", delivered in his instantly recognizable style, is a great cultural piece worth hearing. Also John Mouse, a Jamaican artist who emerged on the scene in the '80s, comes up with a decent effort entitled "Corner Stone" (just like Txilum & Zanda P's "Cultura Accidental" and "Ganjaman Rule" by Wayne Daniel, Malijah & Zanda P previously appearing on Txilum's dbl cd "Cultura Accidental").

Besides these three veterans, the riddim features a newer generation of artists from Jamaica and Spain. One of the standout tracks is "In This Yah Time" by former gospel singer Anthony Que, a tune that carries a conscious message. Next is up-and-coming Singer Jah, whose powerful sung "Prayer 2 The Most High" makes a very good impression. Jah Mali isn't a very prolific singer, so to hear a new recording from this under-rated singer is something to look forward to. Although "Selecta Man", which deals with the sound system and dancehall culture, isn't one of his best tunes, it's a decent effort anyway. Don't overlook Ranking Forrest's "Bubbling" and "Ganjaman Rule" by Wayne Daniel, Malijah & Zanda P, as these are truly entertaining cuts. After Roberto Sānchez's dubbed up version of the riddim, "Cultura Dub", we're treated to a very welcome 'bonus'. Five tracks are remixed in an awesome way. The riddim has been given another twist, which makes that the four vocal cuts and the dub version are the icing on the cake.

To quote Jah Thomas: "Bo! Dis ya album welcome! Gwaan get yourself a copy and be happy!"