Various artists album review
Culture Warriors
Brickwall Records - Walboomers Music
17 - 06 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Morgan Heritage - Never Quit
  2. Morgan Heritage - Time is Close
  3. Morgan Heritage - So Long
  4. Sizzla - Life
  5. Sizzla - Loving And Upright
  6. Sizzla - Resource
  7. Buju Banton - What Is To Be
  8. Buju Banton - Serious
  9. Buju Banton & Anthony B - What's To Be
  10. Capleton - Bad Mind
  11. Capleton - Brain Wash
  12. Capleton - High Grade
  13. Anthony B - 2000
  14. Anthony B - Hardcore Life
  15. Anthony B - Hide & Duck
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

First we had Star Trail's "2 Strong" with Sizzla and Anthony B, then came last year's "3 Wise Men" album, which featured cultural artists Luciano, Sizzla and Anthony B, and now Brickwall records has released an album that brings together five of today's most popular "culture warriors" : Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Capleton and Anthony B. Can contemporary roots fans get it much better ?!
"Culture Warriors" is just a superbly and wicked compilation of mainly cultural tunes, many of which have previously emerged on 7" single on the Spragga Roots, 321 Strong, Annex, Brickwall, Calibud and Digital B labels.
Morgan Heritage is the first to deliver three tunes. They kick off with two Bobby Digital produced efforts : "Never Quit", across the "She's My Baby" riddim, a superb cultural piece, and the solid "Time Is (Getting) Close". Then "So Long", a nice song, loosely based on Culture's classic tune from the 70s "So Long Rastafari", recorded for Michael Jemison's 'Heatwave'.
Sizzla's "Life" and "Loving & Upright" (across the "Bobo Spice" riddim) are enjoyable deliveries, but in the end it's "Resource" - released on 7" single as "Pull The Resources" - performed over the "Silencer" riddim, which really stands out. Buju Banton excels in the Syl Gordon produced "What Is To Be". Riding the rootical "Scorcher" riddim to full effect Buju delivers one of the standouts on this compilation set, which can be enjoyed once again as with Anthony B. In between the awesome Dancehall cut "Serious" aka "Ready Body", not exactly a piece that can be regarded as a conscious tune, but truly an entertaining effort in its own right.
Then three excellent efforts from this year's hottest deejay, Capleton. For the wicked "Bad Mind" - aka "Caan Hold We Dung" - the "Prophet" utilizes one of Steely & Clevie's latest Dancehall riddims, "Virus", while the awesome "Brain Wash" - aka "Seek Knowledge" - is delivered across Stone Cold's "Spring Water" riddim. Furthermore Capleton praises the herb in the Harvel Hart produced "High Grade", a great tune from 1999 across the Annex Productions' riddim of the same name. Anthony B's "2000" is the next nice piece to the same revitalized, Joe Gibbs produced 70s riddim, that is utilized for Sizzla's "Life", followed by the entertaining "Hard Core Life" and the mediocre "Hide & Duck", once again an effort across the "High Grade" riddim. "Culture Warriors" is well worth checking out for all who have missed the singles as well as those who want to get a good glimpse of today's topnotch cultural artists.

Teacher & Mr. T.