Cultural Vibes Vol. 1
JahSolidRock / Heartbeat Europe
November 24, 2010

Cultural Vibes Volume 1 - Various Artists Track list
  1. Chezidek - Walk With Jah
  2. Bena´ssa - African Blood
  3. Wild Life - Ganja Yard
  4. Earl Sixteen - Fittest Of The Fittest
  5. Not Easy At All Productions - Collie Weed Riddim (Dub Version)
  6. Bena´ssa feat. Benjah - Anybody
  7. Junior Murvin & Wild Life - Roots Train
  8. Lloyd De Meza - Part Of My Life
  9. Not Easy At All Productions - Anybody Riddim (Dub Version)
  10. Bena´ssa - Believe
  11. Joggo - Strong Black Woman
  12. Chezidek - In My Heart
  13. Not Easy At All Productions - Paradise Riddim (Dub Version)
  14. Bena´ssa feat. Ayya Ites - Sodom And Gomorra
  15. Mikey General - Jah Jah Have The Handle
  16. Not Easy At All Productions - United We Stand Riddim (Dub Version)
  17. Zamunda - Praise Rastafari
  18. Jah Kente - Crops A Grow
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After having released well received full length albums from Bena´ssa (Table's Gonna Turn"), Wild Life ("Too Tuff"), Chezidek ("Judgement Time") and Apple Gabriel ("Teach Them Right") along with a handful of vinyl singles, Amsterdam based production-crew Not Easy At All Productions and record label JahSolidRock come up with another album release. Sooner than expected they have decided to serve their steady growing fans and followers with a compilation set called "Cultural Vibes Vol. 1". The latter features the previously released singles and digital releases as well as tracks from the aforementioned four albums.

Assembled are artists from Jamaica and the Netherlands, both young and old, whose songs treat the listener to a social, cultural consciousness and an authentic roots reggae groove, not least because all recordings are done with real musicians. Right from the beginning it's obvious why the people behind the production and record label see it as their mission to take reggae back to its roots from the 70's and 80's. The album opens with four vocal tracks for the slow-paced bass-driven "Collie Weed" riddim, each tune being a solid to great effort truly worth hearing. Next drops the "Anybody" riddim, which showcases the talent of Dutch singers Bena´ssa and Lloyd De Meza.

Reggae veteran Junior Murvin combines forces with Wild Life to redo his classic "Roots Train" song, but unfortunately Wild Life spoils it a bit as he turns it into a kind of 'reggae, reggae' tune ("Music hit you when you feel no pain. Reggae music going to your brain. It's the music Jah would feel so nice. One drop play it twice"). "Paradise" is a more light-hearted sounding joyful riddim, which underpins real nice versions by Bena´ssa, (AC Milan player) Clarence Seedorf's singing brother Joggo and Chezidek. Then it's time for two vocal tracks on the awesome "United We Stand" riddim. Both cuts, "Sodom & Gomora" by Bena´ssa & Ayya Ites and Mikey General's "Jah Jah Have The Handle" are great roots tunes. With "Praise Rastafari" Zamunda shows he's definitely a name to watch for in the near future, and also newcomer Jah Kente makes a decent impression with his song "Crops A Grow".

"Cultural Vibes Vol. 1" is a vibrant, great collection of tunes that stimulates both the mind and body!