Various artists album review
Daddy T-Roy Presents Roots And Culture In Dub Plate Style
07 - 03 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Mikey Dread & T-Roy - Roots And Culture
  2. Hugh Griffiths - Roots And Culture Special
  3. Hugh Griffiths - Mix Up
  4. Nerious Joseph - Radio City Special
  5. Massive Horns - Black Star Serenade
  6. Andrew Paul - Kill A Sound Boy
  7. Axe Man - Take After You
  8. Collin Roach - Daddy
  9. Anthony Malvo - T-Roy
  10. Collin Roach - Black Star
  11. Collin Roach - Tero Kaski
  12. Asher Senator - Jingles
  13. Mikey Dread - Jingles
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Daddy T-Roy "THE ORIGINAL BLACK STAR MAN" aka Tero Kaski, is the reggae pioneer from Finland. He fell in love with reggae music in 1971 and some years later he opened the record shop 'Black Star' in Lapinlahdenkatu, Helsinki. In 1979 he started selling records by mail. In 1977 he started with a radio show. The first shows were four episodes of a series called "The roots of reggae". He had to stop working at this radio station, but in 1985 he was given the opportunity to work at the commercial local station Radio City in Helsinki, where he had "maybe the best time I had with my radio show". After a short break he started with his 'Roots And Culture' radio show, which lasted untill Tero's untimely death in January 2001. Together with Pekka Vuorinen he also published "Cool Runnings" magazine. The magazine received a good response. He and Pekka Vuorinen wrote the book "Reggae inna Dancehall style" in the same year (1984) when they stopped publishing "Cool Runnings" magazine. The book was inspired by their trip to Jamaica the previous year. He set up his own record label and "Unity" by Willie Williams came out in 1987 and "Climax" by Ruffy & Tuffy in 1988, and Bananaman's "Showers of blessing" was released as an album. So far the story about Daddy T-Roy aka Tero Kaski.
On this album are gathered the dub plates Tero Kaski recorded for his radio show. Dub plates (or specials) are one-time recordings by an artist, mostly riding a popular riddim and biggin' up a soundsystem or in this case a radio show. Next to some 10 killer specials the disc also includes jingles by rootsman Mikey Dread and UK based Asher Senator. Most specials found here are done across late eighties digital riddims, except Black Star Serenade. What makes this release very interesting is the fact that each special (except track 1 and the jingles) comes with a dub/instrumental version ! No standouts mentioned here, only fair regarding the fact that every dubplate included has its own merits. However, a few personal favourites have to be pointed out : check out the awesome instrumental by The Massive Horns called Black Star Serenade, Hugh Griffiths with Roots And Culture Special across the Bangarang riddim, Collin Roach who delivers Black Star on the Run Run riddim and from the same vocalist the song Tero Kaski across the Further East riddim.
Unique recordings across great (vintage) riddims make this a must have disc.

Teacher & Mr. T.