Kesta Presents ~ Da Dyre Riddim
Kesta Records
August 18, 2008

Track list
  1. No Secret - McCulcha
  2. Step Up In Life - Buju Banton
  3. Freaky Freaky ~ The Return - Little Meeky
  4. My Time Now - Snuupiakadawg
  5. She Love It Hot - Paashot
  6. Fi Real Dat - Dezey Coyotte
  7. Entry Fee - Mad Cobra
  8. I'm Sorry - L.I.Z.
  9. Romantic - Cheroky Khidd
  10. Tight Up Shorts - Snuupiakadawg
  11. Wise Up - Bouncer
  12. Junky Drunky - Little Meeky
  13. Freaky Freaky ~ Remix - Little Meeky feat. Snuupi
  14. Dyre Riddim - Ricky 'Mad Man' Myrie
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Casta 'Kesta' Pearson worked at Aquarius Studio in Kingston from 1980 to 1991, as he then migrated to the USA, now residing in the Bronx, NYC< where he owns Kesta Records being active as a producer since 1985. On this "Da Dyre Riddim" album his pounding relick of 'Gun In Baggy' laid by Ricky 'Mad Man' Myrie from last summer features both well known artists and newcomers resulting in a very satisfying selection that deserved more attention than it got upon release as a 7" selection.

The to me unknown McCulcha impresses with her well sung lovers tune "No Secret" followed by a very youthful sounding Buju Banton with the excellent "Step Up In Life" and the wonderful (tune to ignite rage by OutRage!) "Freaky Freaky ~ The Return" by Little Meeky. Then one of Kesta Records' main artists Snuupi a.k.a. Dawg delivers the strong "My Time Now" followed by Paashot's equally strong "She Love It Hot" that has an almost latin vibe to his delivery.

New Jersey based newcomer Dezey Coyotte contributes the fine "Fi Real Dat" before Mad Cobra delivers the humorous "Entry Fee". Then another main artist from Kesta Records' stable L.I. Zee a.k.a. Livin Inna Zone sings the very nice "I'm Sorry" and Cheroky Khidd gives an entertaining and convincingly deejayed twist to the meaning of "Romantic". Snuupi a.k.a. Dawg returns for a second tune that is slacker and even stronger than his first one across this riddim "Tight Up Shorts".

Bouncer shows with his conscious and melodic "Wise Up" he definitely deserves to be voiced more often and then Little Meeky gets two more appearances on the riddim, first the witty "Junky Drunky" and then the "Freaky Freaky ~ Remix" on which he is joined by Snuupi. The last tune is the heavy clean version of the "Dyre Riddim" by Ricky 'Mad Man' Myrie to close an album that certainly will please all hardcore dancehall aficionados.