Dancehall 101 Volume 6
VP Records
November 8, 2009

Conroy Smith - Dancehall 101 Vol. 6 Track list
  1. Trailer Load A Girls - Shabba Ranks
  2. Have Fi Get You Tonight - Buju Banton
  3. Wicked Dickie - Nadine Sutherland Feat. Buju Banton
  4. Alms House - Capleton
  5. Living Dangerously - Barrington Levy
  6. Infiltrate - Sean Paul
  7. Big Up & Trust - Beenie Man
  8. Goggle - Tanya Stephens
  9. Granny - General Degree
  10. Maddy Maddy Cry - Papa San
  11. Te Ves Buena - El General
  12. Test The High Power - Ninjaman
  13. Drum Pan Sound - Reggie Stepper
  14. Burrup - Nardo Ranks
  15. When A Man's In Love - Yami Bolo
  16. Ram Dance Hall - Tiger
  17. Serious Time - Admiral Tibet, Shabba Ranks, & Ninjaman
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Back in 2000 VP Records started the series "Dancehall 101" . The albums contained dancehall club classics featuring hit singles from the eighties and nineties with familiar hooks and infectious riddims. The track listings for the "Dancehall 101" series have been compiled by scrutinizing the most popular singles played by Dancehall, Hip-Hop/R&B,and Spanish club & radio DJ's. Each "Dancehall 101" volume features 17 tracks of the singles that every above 20 year old reggae/dancehall fan probably knows and loves but before now could not find in one place.

The latest in the series is Volume 6. Just like the other volumes this one boasts recordings by a selection of essential dancehall artists. The ever active Buju Banton delivers Have Fi Get Yu Tonight. He's also on the album with Nadine Sutherland for their cut of the Penthouse 'Dickie' riddim on Wicked Dickie. Shabba Ranks opens inna wicked style with the 1991 smasher Trailer Load a Girls across the 'Poco Man Jam' riddim by Steely and Clevie. Still good for some hilarious moments is Granny by General Degree.

Hip Hop influenced deejay Nardo Ranks comes in hard with Burrup, while Tiger still impresses with his cut of the 'Taxi' riddim called Ram Dance Hall from 1988. Then there's the Panamanian toaster El General who injects some Spanish-language dancehall with Te Ves Buena. Barrington Levy cut some fine sides with producer Paul 'Jah Screw' Love. Here you'll find a good example of 'reggae meets dancehall' as Bounty Killer toasts alongside Barrington Levy for the top tune Living Dangerously. Superstar Sean Paul is present here with a hit he had in the beginning of his career. Infiltrate runs across the 'Playground' riddim, built by producer Jeremy Harding in 1997. Beenie Man (Who Am i) and Mr. Vegas (Nike Air) also did very well with their cuts of the riddim.

Reggie Stepper relicks Winston Riley's 'Stalag' riddim with Drum Pan Sound, a truly everlasting dancehall classic! Yami Bolo uses the same riddim for his lovers tune When A Man's In Love. Ninjaman and producer Bobby Digital scored when they unleashed Test The High Power (aka 'Number One'). In 1997 Shocking Vibes came up with the 'Cloak & Dagger' riddim. Then upcoming dancehall queen Tanya Stephens had a big hit with her cut on the riddim called Goggle.

Wicked vintage selection for all dancehall lovers!