Various artists album review
Dancehall Ultimate Megamix
Tha Jam Records
April 29 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Crackers Gal - Lexxus
  2. Erase Your Mind - Beenie Man
  3. Yard Abroad - Buju Banton
  4. In Your Eyes - Sean Paul & Richie Stephens
  5. Skit
  6. Push Up - Bugle
  7. Gal Sound - Delly Ranks
  8. Mahagony - Powerman
  9. Never Heard A Dat - Singer J
  10. Monster's Back - Roundhead
  11. Man With Action - Anthony B
  12. Never Stop Us - Sizzla
  13. Skit
  14. Ghetto Youth - Hawkeye
  15. Ticket Or Number - Madd Anju
  16. Keep On Moving - Danny English
  17. Ediat - Kiprich
  18. Guide Me - Kirk Davis & Shadoo
  19. Fowl Fight - Powerman
  20. Protect You - Delly Ranks & Kirk Davis
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

From the Tha Jam label comes the continuous "Dancehall Ultimate Megamix", featuring some hot riddims, guaranteed to move feet in every dancehall axcross the globe. The album kicks of with some 4 versions across the "Verdict" riddim from hot producer Mark Hudson. Crackers Gal is brought by Lexxus, Yard Abroad features Buju Banton and Ease Your Mind is done by Beenie Man Man. Also riding the "Verdict" riddim with In Your Eyes are Richie Stephens and Sean Paul, the latter recently receiving significant radio air play and video spins on MTV and BET with his hit single "Gimme The Light" and "Make It Clap" with Busta Rhymes.
Next comes the "Mahagony" riddim from producer Horace Lawrence for his Ghetto Voice Productions. He punches out three versions, Mahagony by Powerman, Push Up by Bugle and Gal Sound by Delly Ranks.
Marlon Cooke of Dejavu Productions is responsable for the "Prime Time" riddim. Here you'll find 4 artistst lining up for deadly excursions across the riddim. Roundhead finds his flow across the riddim as he delivers Monster's Back. Dancehall's best known Bobo Dread, the ever popular Sizzla puts out one of his best efforts with Never Stop Us. Second in line are competitive versions from Anthony B and newcomer Singer J.
Following are no less than 5 boomshots across the "Knockout" riddim from Mark Hudson. The Knockout riddim is the ultimate "Rumble In The Jungle" thing, fast paced, punchy and hard-hitting and delivering serious blows to the dancefloors all over the world. The usual fighters line up for their best matches. Danny English brings Keep On Moving, whereas Kirk Davis and Shaddu enter the ring with Guide Me. Wicked punches come from Kiprich with Ediat and Madd Anju who delivers a lethal blow with Ticket Or Number. Two tunes 'pon the "Shadow" riddim round of the excellent album !
Serious dancehall business for everyone !

Teacher & Mr. T.