Da Real Time Riddim
Grillaras Productions
March 15, 2006

Track list
  1. Open Your Eyes - Capleton
  2. Love Is So Beautiful - Chezidek
  3. Blessed - U.T. Ras
  4. Unfortunate Foes - Patriot
  5. Hatred - Daddigon
  6. Good Health - Lutan Fyah
  7. No More War - Mikey General
  8. Dem A Nu Rasta - Turbulence
  9. Not All About Sex - Jr. Kelly
  10. Humble Heart - Norris Man
  11. Word Power And Sound - Perfect
  12. Keep Rising - Anthony B
  13. Ganja Delivery - Military Man
  14. Mystery Morning - Chrisinti
  15. Rhythm Of A Life - Marchos Hi
  16. Da Real Time Riddim - Grillaras Crew
  17. Da Real Time Medley Mix - Khabir 'Kabs' Bonner
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Grillaras Productions, the crew of Khabir 'Kabs' Bonner and Kurt 'Ras Wow' Sadler, makes it debut with this "Da Real Time Riddim". A fine uptempo roots riddim, played live by drummer Dillon 'Jubba' White, bass player Stone Strickland and keyboard player Phillip James alongside the veterans Dean Fraser on sax, Paul 'Wrongmove' Crossdale providing the Spanish guitars and Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson on percussion with beautiful backing vocals courtesy of Natalie Walsh, Althea Hewitt, Chantelle Ernandez, Kadian Dixon and Ravlita Fraser, that might not instantly grab you, but revealing its strength after a couple of spins. Capleton kicks off this one-riddim album with the melodic "Open Your Eyes" followed by Chezidek's beautiful "Love Is So Beautiful". Chanters U.T. Ras and Patriot who both debuted 5 years ago for 'Computer Paul' Henton, and then just recorded a few sides for a.o. Kariang, make a good impression here with their respective tunes "Blessed" and "Unfortunate Foes" before one of the last tunes recorded by Dutty Cup Crew member Gabra Mantaskeddus Lambert a.k.a. Daddigon, who was shot Thursday January 27, 2005, "Hatred" is up. Foaming with conscious lyrics in abundance, strong tracks follow like Lutan Fyah's strong "Good Health", Mikey General's melodic "No More War", Turbulence's fierce "Dem A Nu Rasta" and Jr. Kelly's tribute to women "Not All About Sex". And it doesn't stop there, as Norris Man give thanks and praises in "Humble Heart" before Perfect in his inimatable style slews the fake ones in "Word Power And Sound" and Anthony B's makes clear that no matter what they wanna say, rasta "Keep Rising". Military Man delivers the entertaining "Ganja Delivery" and Chrisinti contributes the beautiful love gone wrong tune "Mystery Morning" before Marchos Hi gives us the last vocal on the riddim, the very catchy "Rhythm Of A Life" that sounds like like a lost Postmen track. The very impressive "Da Real Time Riddim" is luckily featured in its clean version as well, before a wild 6 minutes "Da Real Time Medley Mix" shows why this album can be wholeheartedly recommended to all serious roots enthusiasts.