TK-HIFI Meets Mafia & Fluxy ~ Day & Night
October 21, 2005

Track list
  1. Mykal Roze - Day & Night   listen here
  2. Gregory Isaacs - Down The Line
  3. Earl 16 - Children Of The Emporer
  4. Leroy Mafia - Beware Of Your Enemies
  5. Levi Roots - Red Hot
  6. Barry Brown - Youthman   listen here
  7. Luciano - Mankind Cease   listen here
  8. Levi Roots - Mix Up
  9. Earl 16 - Foot Of The Mountain
  10. Mikey General - Cut & Clear   listen here
  11. Robbie Valentine - Conscious Warrior   listen here
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
Usually we don't review products which are not (and never will be) for sale, because it's of no use to write about something no one can purchase. However in this case we think it is justified to make an exception to the rule, because the mixing and remixing efforts of the TK-HIFI crew are simply of such a good quality that one can only hope that they will be noticed by those who are authorized to bring these tunes to the reggae massive.

TK-HIFI is a collective (not a soundsystem!), which started years ago with mixing and remixing different kinds of music, out of pure hobby. Their musical vibes were reggae and all sorts of other (mostly) black music. Nowadays a small group of friends are mixing, remixing and helping to (re)mix reggae. All just for vibes, fun and for themselves. Due to soundsytem demand they collected some Mixplates on CD-R, although they hardly ever had made (long soundsystem) mixes. For some reason they all prefer to make remixes of great 7" singles (due to a combination of time and a better output result). This gave them the introduction of the name Mixplates.

"TK-HIFI Meets Mafia & Fluxy ~ Day & Night" features 11 noteworthy extended versions (vocal plus dub) of roots tunes produced by the Heywood brothers aka Mafia & Fluxy (involved as musicians on every track included here) and Gussie P, amongst them some of the very best production works from these UK producers. Gregory Isaacs' "Down The Line" is definitely one of the best and wickedest tunes from the Cool Ruler in recent years. When this track leaps from the speakers you'll recognise the almost "Take Five" horn line and riddim. A truly very entertaining and big tune which comes to full expression through the additional dubwise part. Next we're treated to Mixplates of two Gussie P produced roots gems, Earl 16's awesome rendition of Albert Malawi's obscure but truly brilliant roots anthem "Children Of The Emperor" and Leroy Mafia's killer version of Creole's roots classic "Beware Of Your Enemies", an adaptation of the riddim used for Hugh Mundell's "That Little Short Man". Further highlights are Luciano's "Mankind Cease" and Mikey General's "Cut & Clear" (both utilizing the same riddim), and Levi Roots' flying steppers "Mix Up". The latter samples the horn line from the In Crowd's classic "Ethiopia". The CD-R rounds off in real fine style with Robbie Valentine's "Conscious Warrior", which comes across the Dennis Brown's "Foot Of The Mountain" riddim.

Besides "TK-HIFI Meets Mafia & Fluxy ~ Day & Night" they have done the following projects: "Vision Of Redemption" (a continuous mix of Nu Roots); "Dubnut" (another continuous mix of Nu Roots); "TK-HIFI Meets Jah Warrior ~ Evolution" (7 Mixplates by Various Artists); TK-HIFI Meets Luciano ~ Love Child (5 Mixplates) and TK-HIFI And Friends ~ Jah Jah Calling (10 Mixplates by Various Artists). All these Mixplates are expertly done, have their own merit and are truly worth of hearing. Big Up to the TK-HIFI crew!