The Double Trouble Juggling
Boot Camp
Digital Release
November 18, 2013

Track list
  1. Junior X - Bunnaz
  2. Culture T feat. Bobby Crystal - Notice Board Pt 2
  3. Hezron - Maximum Speed
  4. Terry Linen - I'll Be Loving You
  5. Stevie Face - Naw Play Nuh Fool
  6. Everton Blender - Can't Say Goodbye To You
  7. Glen Washington - Crazy For You
  8. Mighty Diamonds - Dream Of Me
  9. Lukie D - Real Double Trouble
  10. Steele - Who Jah Bless
  11. One Third - Closer
  12. JaSoul - True Love
  13. Dangerous - Mad A Street
  14. I-Maroon - Bank Yuh Money
  15. K-Vibes - Can You Love Someone
  16. Swallow - The First Time
  17. Computer Paul - The Double Trouble Riddim
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Computer Paul is one of those types of people whose presence you almost surely do not notice consistently, but whose absence (in the absolute sense) would change so much of Reggae music. Without him and people like him, things just are not as possible as they are now, so do keep an eye out for his output. This time around, he makes it damn easy and demands some credit for himself by "presenting" his latest piece, the "Double Trouble" Riddim. The latter is a resuscitated version of Steely & Clevie's 1992 relick of Lloyd Robinson's "Cuss Cuss" riddim, which featured cuts from artists such as Tony Rebel, Jack Radics & Reggie Stepper, and Beres Hammond, whose song "Double Trouble" gave the riddim its name.

Computer Paul's work always seems to come through with a whole heap of class and this one is no exception. The ace musician/producer turned his reworking of the riddim over to a very interesting cast of vocalists including established artists such as Glen Washington, The Mighty Diamonds, Everton Blender, Lukie D, and Terry Linen. But also younger singers like Hezron, I-Maroon, Steele, JaSoul, and Dangerous got a chance to showcase their skills and talent on the riddim. With songs such as "Hustler", "Surfer" and his big hit "Plead My Cause", Junior X aka The Prince Of the Battle Field fully showed that he has an amazing voice. For "Bunnaz" he partly utilizes a different, more rougher vocal style, which doesn't suit him very well. Next in is "Notice Board Pt 2" by deejay Culture T and singer Conrad Crystal, actually a next version of the tune Culture T originally did on Steely & Clevie's "Double Trouble" riddim. For his lovers piece entitled "Maximum Speed", Hezron sounds very much like a Beres Hammond clone. Truly a pity as this singer is really talented artist who should stick to his own vocal style. Then it's time for Terry Linen whose singing style is similar to the late Garnet Silk, a fact acknowledged by his pseudonym. His "I'll Be Loving You" is a decent effort, which however is outmatched by Stevie Face's "Naw Play Nuh Fool". Of course, another eleven vocal cuts on the same riddim to listen to might be too much of a good thing for some people, but nevertheless it's certainly worthwhile to check Glen Washington's "Crazy For You", Lukie D's "Real Double Trouble", Steele's "Who Jah Bless", and JaSoul's "True Love".

Most artists featured on this juggling set really do well with the "Double Trouble", which you should consider picking when you can.