Dennis Brown With Friends
Sphinx Records
April 6, 2008

Track list
  1. Dennis Brown - Fallen Angel
  2. Luciano - Make Ends Meet
  3. Sugar Minott - Say Yes
  4. Freddie McGregor - Nah Sell Out De Ting
  5. Dean Fraser - Security
  6. Dennis Brown - I Believe
  7. Benjy Myaz - Appreciate Nature
  8. Joseph Benaiah - Tonight is the Night
  9. Tinga Stewart - Put Down de Gun
  10. Screwdriver feat. Joseph Benaiah - She's My Everything
  11. Dennis Brown feat. Nilajah Emanuel - A Perfect Start
  12. Tyrone Evans - I Wanna Dance
  13. Hopeton Lindo - I'm Glad It's You
  14. Joseph Benaiah - Hey Girl
  15. Mark Wonder - Signs Of The Time
  16. Dennis Brown - Not My Baby
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
The still sorely missed "Crown Prince Of Reggae Music", Dennis Emanuel Brown, whose untimely death on 1st July 1999 shocked the reggae world, receives a posthumous release on Sphinx Records entitled "Dennis Brown With Friends". Dennis Brown, who started his career as a nine-year old singer out of Chocomo Lawn in West Kingston, is revered as one of the icons of reggae music. His powerful singing voice made him reggae's most successful singer and, ironically, the favourite of Bob Marley himself. His many single and album releases show he was a talented artist of exceptional vocal prowers, and those wo were lucky to attend a live performance of the singer will fully agree he was an awesome performer on stage.

Featuring production works of Joseph "Benaiah" Williamson, Karl Pitterson, Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes, Dean Fraser, K.C. White, Benjy Myaz, Tinga Stewart and Hopeton Lindo, this collection of tunes can be regarded as a lovely tribute to the "Crown Prince" with four tunes of Dennis Brown himself, and furthermore contributions of artists whose careers were touched or were mentored by Dennis Brown's singer-style.

Here the listener is treated to Reggae and Lovers rock -- musical styles Dennis Brown was able to handle with great effect. The wonderful "Fallen Angel", the appealing lovers tune "I Believe", the real nice combination with Nilajah Emanuel, "A Perfect Start", and the cover song "Not My Baby", reflect why Dennis Brown's distinctive vocal style had world-wide appeal. Next to the Dennis Brown tracks this compilation features quite a few worthwhile efforts from stalwart reggae artists. Highlights are Luciano's "Make Ends Meet", Sugar Minott's lovers tune "Say Yes", Freddie McGregor's excellent conscious piece "Nah Sell Out De Thing" with its great horn parts, Tinga Stewart's "Put Down De Gun" across the "Kutchie" riddim, Joseph Benaiah's "Hey Girl" and Mark Wonder's mid-90s cultural tune "Sign Of The Times".

The quality of the musical efforts gathered here, and the fact that some proceeds of the sales will be contributed to the Dennis Brown Foundation, makes "Dennis Brown With Friends" a good purchase.