Bassix Riddim Cooperation - Defender II
Soulfire Artists-Rough Trade
April 13, 2007

Track list
  1. Faith - Conscious Fyah & Jahcoustix
  2. Mo Luv - Marlene Johnson
  3. True What Dem Say - Captain Joe Morgan
  4. Song For Burgi & Harry - Flow Bradley
  5. Lonely Man - Jahcoustix & Natty Rag
  6. Glaub Mir - Iriepathie
  7. Ganjatown - Fitta Warri
  8. People - Sista Vee
  9. Hoffnungslos - Ganjaman
  10. Revé La Tete - RAF
  11. On The Look Out - IBK Tribe
  12. Inadem - Volkanikman
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Almost one year after the release of his first album "Defender" this second Bassix Riddim Cooperation album "Defender II" is released. A year in which Bassix built on the acclaim the his first album brought him, producing with House of Riddim and as executive producer for Irie Vibrations records with artist like Perfect, Elijah Prophet ("Piece Of Ganja"), Morgan Heritage, Anthony B., Luciano, Norrisman and many more. "Defender II", released through Munich's Soulfire Records like its predecessor sees Vienna based producer Bassix once more focusing on German (and Austrian) vocalists riding his riddims. Contrary to the first "Defender" album, which was firmly rooted in the Austrian/Viennese nu-dub, lounge, downtempo approach to (reggae and dub) music, this second album is much more 'regular' roots reggae inspired.

The in Nairobi, Kenia born "Dubious Neighbourhood singer AND solo artist Dominik 'Jahcoustix' Haas in combination with Headcornerstone frontman Conscious Fiyah delivers the uplifting "Faith" before (heavily) underrated sweet voiced singer Marlene Johnson, whose soul and blues roots are still easily traceable in her smooth delivery of the plea for "Mo Luv" and the lead singer of Austrian roots groove reggae band Buccaneers - the band in which producer Bassix plays bass - Cpt. Joe Morgan contributes the fine "True What Dem Say" and Flow Bradley, lead vocalist of Austrian dialect 'volkspunk' band Hardbradler shows he is a great lyricist and a good singer of roots reggae with "Song For Burgi & Harry".

Jahcoustix is on his second contribution to this album joined by Jamaican DJ (living in Augsburg, Bavaria) Natty Rag who despite giving a fine effort is completely overshadowed by Jahcoustix singing on "Lonely Man", Professa & Syrix (usually joined by Matty-Dread and producer Bassix) a.k.a. Iriepathie's wonderful lovers tune "Glaub Mir" and Fitta Wari's fierce "Ganja Town".

Sista Vee, the female vocalist of Bassix' band Buccaneers, didn't impress me too much with her "People", attempting a female UK roots tune, but either the riddim or her delivery is lacking some conviction here, something that absolutely can't be said of Berlin based producer and singjay Ganjaman with the very uplifting "Hoffnungslos" urging to keep up your head in even the most desperate circumstances and France's RAF delivering the same message in French with "Reve La Tete", before former hip hop now dancehall group from Innsbruck IBK Tribe describe the feeling of always being "On The Look Out", before the last tune of this nice modern roots compilation is delivered by Berlin's (especially on internet very prolific) Volkanikman whose "Inadem" is the title tune of a (benefit) compilation "Im Namen Der Menschlichkeit" of which all revenues will go to United For Africa and German Doctors in Africa, a great way to close this very entertaining "Defender II" compilation.