Ward 21 Presents ~ Dem Gal Sittin
Ward 21 Music-47 Entertainment
January 26, 2008

Track list
  1. Crawny Gal - Tifa
  2. No Stress - Timberlee
  3. Anuh My Fault - Natalie Storm
  4. Lucky Charm - D'Angel
  5. Inna Mi Class - Stacious
  6. Dem Call We - Ms. Thing
  7. Vice Grip - CéCile
  8. Beg & Trust - Lady G
  9. Go Deh Go Deh - Lady Saw
  10. All Over Me - Macka Diamond
  11. Dun Out - Spice
  12. Dismiss Them - Queen Paula
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Ward 21 and producer Andre 'Suku' Gray came to the idea for this project when he had this riddim and had voiced the first female artist on it, realizing the rhythm wouldn't need any male artist on it. And so in the male dominated dancehall world, here's the 'Dem Gal Sittin'-riddim, released as a Japan-only release currently, with 12 tracks on which only ladies contribute the vocals. It might not be the most innovative of riddims released lately, but it surely is extremely infectious and the ladies represent their gender to the max on this one-riddim album produced by 'Suku' together with fellow Ward 21 member 'Kunley' McCarthy.

The upcoming singing sensation Tifa delivers the first tune "Crawny Gal" making clear how hot gal like she nuh mix wid crawny gal. Tifa was born Latifa Brown on December and early 2005, she decided to put her music first. Currently her releases like "Your Friend" a.k.a "I'm So Sorry" over Ward 21's on 'Bad Belly'-riddim, "Kitty Police" over TJ's 'Show Off'-riddim, and "Ready Tonight" over Mo Music's 'Migraine'-riddim, alongside her strong "Bad Mind (Just Won't Win)" across Ward 21's 'Rae'-riddim are getting her the attention of the massive and critical acclaim and the recent release of "Nuh Tinky Winky" alongside Timberlee and this tune will ensure that she holds that attention.

And speaking of Timberlee, this next female Ward 21 protégé is delivering the next tune "No Stress", a truly worthwile successor of her massive collaboration with Ward 21 "Bubble Like Soup", followed by Natalie Storm, who often works with the Passa Passa Sound Swatch International and who delivers the very entertaining "A Nuh My Fault" you're man a dead over me.

Then D'Angel, who made (lots more) of press so far with her relationship with Bounty Killer and then with her celebrity marriage to Bounty's rival Beenie Man that ended in a divorce, might not be rivalling her former lovers, but shows she does know how to ride a riddim as well with the slack "Lucky Charm" that is lyrically entertaining as well, before 23 uear old newcoming DJ 'Sexy' Stacious makes her mark with "Inna Mi Class" and you can't help noticing that the riddim is almost dictating the flow of all the ladies yet concluding that all ladies also benefit from the strong syncopation of this 'Dem Gal Sittin'-riddim.

And about noticing certain things that seem to return in all of these tunes by these ladies, Nateshia Lindsay a.k.a. Ms. Thing who became a household name in every dancehall in 2003 when she teamed up with Beenie Man for "Dude" over Dave Kelly's 'Fiesta'-riddim, pays tribute to her tightness in "Dem Call We", just like Natalie Storm, D'Angel and Stacious already did and one of those underrated female dancehall artists being mainstays on the scene CéCile also does in her "Vice Grip" explicitly stating mi haf the tightest vagina, before veteran female DJ (and respected producer) Lady G she still is a true master at the mic as well with her "Beg & Trust".

The next true veteran and probably most famous lady outside Jamaice on this album is Lady Saw who has continued to deliver quality tunes since her last album "Walk Out" was released last year, keeps doing so across this riddim with the funny "Go Deh Go Deh". Macka Diamond scored Number 1 hits in Jamaica with "Done Already", "Bun Him" together with Black-Er and then last year with the hot "Hula Hoop" and she delivers another very strong and catchy tune with "All Over Me" here, followed by Spice on whose recently released debut album "Scorn Dem" this "Dun Out" was featured as well.

The last tune of this album is by Queen Paula who still has to prove she is able to be a constant factor in the dancehalls and her "Dismiss Them" is one of those tunes that will help her establishing that position. This is truly unique one-riddim album, because not only have all 12 tunes over this infectious riddim been voiced by female artists, but these tunes are all high quality tunes making both these vocal efforts and the production by Andre 'Suku' Gray and 'Kunley' McCarthy a release you can't afford to miss as dancehall aficionado, even though it is only available for the time being as Japanese import.