Dem Talking Riddim
Reggaeland Records
April 26, 2011

Dem Talking Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Ginjah - Dem Talking
  2. Jahmali - No Weapon
  3. Sizzla - Something About You
  4. Chezidek - Cyaan Cut Me Ganja
  5. Singer Jah - Try And Do Good
  6. Norrisman - Inna Time Like This
  7. Malijah - Ruling Sound
  8. Jah Nattoh & Bocer - Porque
  9. Anthony Que - Poor People Cry Out
  10. Seven Seals - Herbs Fi Bun
  11. Zanda P. - Train To Zion
  12. Sizzla - Something About You Rmx (Bonus track)
  13. Jahmali - No Weapon Rmx (Bonus track)
  14. Ginjah & Singer Jah - Bless Dem Rmx (Bonus track)
  15. Ginjah & Singer Jah - Bless Dem (Bonus track)
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Total votes : 14
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Out of Spain, actually Barcelona, comes this wonderful collection of tunes produced by the Reggaeland crew. The riddim is called 'Dem Talking' and it's Ginjah who has done the original cut of it. Brilliant piece of work by this production house and the unknown backing band (most likely Txilum). The one drop roots riddim is voiced by some of reggae's biggest names, as well as some lesser names. Sizzla contributes a nice love song called Something About You, while the sympathetic, but under-recorded singer Jahmali delivers a strong cut with No Weapon. That same tune is added as a bonus track in remixed form. It's a more up to date r&b influenced version of the song, the same goes for the Sizzla tune.

Ginjah makes a very fine impression with the title track of this 'one riddim' set. Jamaican roots singer Chezidek brings a good lick of the version, adding another ganja tune called Cyaan Cut Me Ganja to his catalogue. Noteworthy singer Malijah boasts about his Ruling Sound, while Singer Jah tries to bring more righteousness into our world with Try And Do Good, a serious song about a global problem. Ginjah and Singer Jah team up in fine style for the roots song Bless Dem. The remixed version is included as well. Anthony Que's tune Poor People Cry Out is one of the many highlights of the album. Seven Seals gives us more ganja with Herbs Fi Bun, while "Babylon makes them bombs and guns".

If you're looking for a truly good 'one drop' roots riddim, don't hesitate and grab this one!