Various artists album review
Dancehall 101 Vol. 1
VP Records-Walboomers Music
2 CD

Tracking list - Disc 1

  1. Red Dragon - Good Hole College
  2. Yellowman - Zunga Zeng
  3. Sancho - Chase Vampire
  4. Rayvon & Shaggy - Big Up
  5. Singing Sweet - Donna
  6. Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb
  7. Reggie Stepper - Kimbo King
  8. Risto Benji - Passport Buddy
  9. Tiger - When
  10. Simpleton - Coca Cola Shape
  11. Buju Banton - Batty Rider
  12. Pliers - Bam Bam
  13. Cutty Ranks - Who Say Me Dun
  14. Red Fox & Screechie Dan - Pose Off
  15. Beenie Man - Romie
  16. Red Rat - Dwayne
  17. Beenie Man - Who Am I
Tracking list - Disc 2
  1. Adonai - Bonus DJ Mix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

VP Records from New York has started to release a new series of compilation albums entitled "Dancehall 101". Every set contains a collection of Dancehall club classics featuring hit singles from the eighties and nineties. The track listings for the "Dancehall 101" series have been compiled by scrutinizing the most popular singles played by Dancehall, Hip-Hop/R&B,and Spanish club & radio DJ's. Each "Dancehall 101" volume features 17 tracks of the singles that every 18-35 year old reggae/dancehall fan probably knows and loves but before now could not find in one place. Many of these singles will also be available on VP Records' "Dancehall Classics" series as limited edition 12" re-issues.
This first set features some of the biggest names in Dancehall from past and present, as well as a lesser known artist like Sancho, whose Antonio Gilbert's produced "Chase Vampire" is a truly awesome piece. Red Dragon's from vinyl transferred tune "Good Hole College" is a perfect example of the dominance of slackness during the eighties and first half of the nineties. Also Risto Benji's "Passport Buddy", the combination piece "Pose Off" by Red Fox & Screechie Dan and Buju Banton's "Batty Rider" deal with the girls, with the last two tune commenting on the ultra-brief shorts being worn by flamboyant dancehall queens. Cutty Ranks delivers two great tunes, the hard-to-get "Limb By Limb" and the killer "Who Say Me Dun". Also Beenie Man has two efforts, the Shocking Vibes produced "Romie" - which incorporates snatches of the "Punaany" riddim - and his big smash "Who Am I" for producer Jeremy Harding.
Each volume of Dancehall 101 includes a specially mixed cd of its contents, done in a live Dancehall style. "Dancehall 101 vol. 1" includes an enjoyable mix by the sound system Adonai. "Dancehall 101 Vol. 1" is a fine collection for those who have just started to get involved in Dancehall music and a welcome release for those who are always searching for singles they failed to purchase when they were hot.

Teacher & Mr. T.