Various artists album review
Dancehall Bashment Mix
Jamdown Records - Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. HC & Baya - Intro
  2. Cobra - Unexpected
  3. Elephant Man - Replacement Killer
  4. Harry Toddler - Dance The Angel
  5. Elephant Man - Buss It Up
  6. Demo Delgado - Bun A Fag
  7. Spragga Benz - Call Her Name
  8. Elephant Man & Lexxus - Bout It Bout It
  9. Mr. Vegas - Big Corruption
  10. Capleton - Crazy Look
  11. Cecile & Saba Tooth - Girls Fi Get Love
  12. Beenie Man - Ring Pon Finger
  13. Danny English - Wha Dis God
  14. Kiprich - Bellevue
  15. Goofy - Things Coulda Worst
  16. Mexican & Slingshot - What Time Is It
  17. Elephant Man - Truth Hurts
  18. General B - Ten Pumpum Commandments
  19. Mr. Vegas - Girls Time
  20. Spragga Benz - E.L.U.M.
  21. Gabrielle - Sick
  22. Gabrielle - Long, Plain & Straight
  23. Red Rat - Denise
  24. Megga Banton - Lets Get It On
  25. Spragga Benz & Tanya Stephens - Nuh Mek It
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

JamDown Records latest release, "Dancehall Bashment Mix" is a continuous dance mix album, skilfully mixed by Jazzy T and Renaissance Sound System. The album has 26 tracks of the hottest riddims, artists, and production companies in Jamaica.
The talented Shocking Vibes Crew starts off this continuous dance mix with three cuts off of the popular 'Scarface' riddim. First up is Cobra’s run away hit Unexpected followed by Elephant Man’s Replacement Killer and Harry Toddler's Dance The Angel. Also present here is dancehall’s favorite son Sean Paul’s new riddim 'Titanium 2000', the follow-up from his album Stage One with Spragga Benz’s Call Her Name, Bout it, Bout It from Elephant Man and Lexxus and Big Corruption by Mr. Vegas. M-Phatic Productions is back for the new year with the ‘Latino’ riddim. The first cut on the riddim is the messiah, Capleton, with Crazy Look, followed by Cecile and Saba Tooth with Girls Fi Get Love and Beenie Man with Ring Pon Finger. Chad Simpson aka Goofy’s 'Antz Nest' riddim is also featured here with Kiprich’s strong Bellevue and Goofy, himself, with Things Coulda Worst. What Time Is It from the combination Mexican & Slingshot rides the same riddim. From producer Richard Browne come two riddims on the Bashment Mix with Spragga Benz E.L.U.M on the 'Intercourse' riddim and Mr. Vegas with Girls Time on the 'Orgasm' riddim. Rounding out the selection to this continuous mix is the 'Curfew' riddim from producer Tony Lynx for his own Lynx Productions with Gabrielle’s Long, Plain & Straight and Red Rat's Denise and finally there's JamDown’s own producer, Richard Carnegie on the 'Ghetto Slam' riddim, with Merga Banton's Let's Get It On and Spragga Benz and Tanya Stephens’ Nuh Mek It.
Featured production houses are : Shocking Vibes Crew (Shocking Vibes Productions), Tarik Thompson (Gravi-T Records), Sean Henriques & Daniel Abbot (Bassline Records), Steven Ventura (M-Phatic Productions), Chad Simpson (Young Blood Productions), Richard Shams Browne (B- Rich Productions), Tony Lynx (Lynx Productions), Richard Carnegie, Howard HC Carnegie & Kyle Hitman Leinart (JamDown Productions).

Teacher & Mr. T.