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Dancehall Gold Vol. 1 - Kings Of Kings Tenth Anniversary
Kings Of Kings
January 6, 2005

Tracking list

Disc 1

  1. Be My Love Tonight - Buju Banton
  2. For You - Sanchez
  3. Don't Want To Lose Your Love - Ian Sweetness
  4. Fire Burn - Everton Blender
  5. See No Evil - Capleton
  6. Crime Stop - Anthony B
  7. Nobody - Iley Dread
  8. The Most High - Jah Mason
  9. Juvenile - Sizzla
  10. I Come (Land Of Yonder) - Luciano
  11. Dem Try Everything - Morgan Heritage
  12. Set Them Free - Bushman
  13. One Two - Prezident Brown
  14. Bad Road - Norris Man
  15. Only You Jah - Mikey General
  16. World Crisis - Iley Dread
  17. Fire Burn (Live Medley) - Bushman
Disc 2 - A Stone Love Movement Remix for Kings Of Kings Inc.

    'Double Jeopardy'-Riddim
  1. Bad Man, Bad Gal - CÚCile & Elephant Man
  2. Double Jeopardy - Tanto Metro & Devonte
  3. Mad Bwoy - Madd Anju & CÚCile
  4. The Plan - Merciless
  5. Johnny - Bling Dawg
  6. Redd - Danny English & New Kidz
    'Martial Arts'-Riddim
  7. Look Good - Bounty Killer
  8. The Bombing - Elephant Man
  9. Big - Mr. Vegas
  10. Fire - Capleton & Jah Thunder
  11. Thump It - Devonte & Tanto Metro
  12. Stick Yah - Humphrey
  13. Crazy Look - Capleton
  14. Ring Pon Finga - Beenie Man
  15. No Need - Lady Saw
  16. One More Girl - Red Rat
  17. Nuttin A Gwan Fada - Professor Nuts
  18. Whap Them And Done - T.O.K.
  19. Good Hole - Lexxus
  20. Robbing - Elephant Man
  21. That Real - Bounty Killer
  22. Free - Turbulence
  23. Pick A Number - Merciless
  24. Island Tour - Frisco Kid
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

Since releasing their first tunes 10 years ago, Kings Of Kings have become a big household name with both conscious/roots and hardcore dancehall listeners. They now celebrate their 10th anniversary with a double-CD compilation featuring both the roots tunes they produced on CD1, as well as some of the hardcore dancehall riddims (almost exclusively released as albums in the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series, with the exception of (here absent) "Riddim Driven ~ Dancehall Rock" and the 2nd 'Coolie'-riddim album "Riddim Driven ~ Coolie Skank"). When I first discovered their productions on the compilation "Show Us The Way" I expected them to become a household name if they could maintain that level of quality. And so they did, becoming one of the biggest labels these days. This compilation is split into one CD focusing on their roots output, and a second livicated to their hardcore dancehall releases. The roots CD opens with a tune by Buju Banton "Be My Love Tonight", on what to me technically is a bashment riddim, the 'Latino' featured on the second disc. Sanchez delivers the beautiful "For You" followed by another great lovers tune "Don't Wanna Lose You" by Ian Sweetness, both tunes that were featured on their "Kings Of Kings Vol.1" album, alongside Everton Blender's conscious "Fire A Go Burn", a tune also appearing on "Show Us The Way". Capleton's "See No Evil" from "Gibraltar" is another wicked tune, followed by Anthony B's "Crime Stop" from "Show Us The Way", and label owner Colin 'Iley Dread' Levy's own "Nobody" using The Archies "Sugar Sugar" melody. Jah Mason and Sizzla ride the 'Gibraltar'-riddim as well for their strong conscious tunes "The Most High" and "Juvenile". Then Luciano rides the strong 'Trod On'-riddim featured on "Kings Of Kings Vol.4" using parts of Men At Work's "Down Under" for his "I Come" (From A Land Of Yonder). This same riddim is also used for Morgan Heritage & LMS superb "Dem Try Everything" and Bushman's "Set Dem Free" from the same album. Prezident Brown's "One Two" is a very nice nyahbinghi-flavored tune also featured on that album. Norris Man's "Bad Road" takes us back to the 'Gibraltar'-riddim, the kind of roots riddim that would upon re-release now probably gain much more recognition in this heydat of 'Hard Times' and 'Drop Leaf'-riddims, as would Mikey General's "Only You Jah" over a different riddim also featured on the "Gibraltar"-compilation, and known also for Iley Dread's "World Crisis" following here. Closing this entertaining roots-showcase is a very fine "Fire Bun (Live Medley)" showcasing Bushman strength on the 'Hypocrites'-riddim.

CD 2 - A Stone Love Movement Remix for Kings Of Kings Inc.
The Bonus CD contains a mix a Remix by the immortal Stone Love Movement, featuring some of the big bashment riddims that were released between 2001 and now by the Kings Of Kings Crew, not even mentioning the riddims built by 'their' musicians like Craig 'Left Side' Parkes for other producers. Biggest riddim, and well known outside the dancehall as well nowadays, 'Coolie Dance' a.k.a. 'Coolie Skank' is completely absent, as well as 'C4' and 'Bad company'. But with 'Double Jeopardy', and 'Martial Arts' another riddim like 'Coolie Dance' that even made to produce a second one riddim album, 'Latino' and 'Famine' Stone Love deliver a very entertaining bashment mix, making you feeling how big this label has scored in the 10 years they now exist. Easily recommended.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions