Various artists album review
Diamond Vol. 3
John Shop Records
January 26, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Jabba : Intro
  2. Sizzla : Good Things
  3. Sammy Dread : Love We Want
  4. Future Troubles, John Forte : Red Light City
  5. Yami Bolo : Reasons
  6. Knotch : Panty Pudding
  7. Bling Dawg : Explode
  8. Shabba Ranks : Pretty Please
  9. Tony Panic, Troopa, Future Troubles : Lets Ride
  10. Future Troubles : If It Ain't Real
  11. Zumjay : For My Dawgs
  12. Mega Banton : Badman A Badman
  13. Major Damage : Big Building
  14. Interlude
  15. Elephant Man : Shine
  16. Daddi Gon : Jah Jah Word
  17. Major Damage : Housewife
  18. Future Troubles : 16/17
  19. Zumjay : Badman
  20. Sizzla : Too Hot Fi Handle
  21. Ghost : Drive Me Crazy
  22. Angel Doulas : Tek The Night
  23. Zumjay : Hotter Than You
  24. Major Damage, Zanadue : Just a Little Love
  25. Sean Paul : Gunz No More
  26. Knocth : No Sell Youself
  27. Knotch, Bling Dawg : Hollywood
  28. Shabba Ranks : Girl Business
  29. Major Damage : New Style
  30. Future Troubles : Nuff Say Them Big Man
  31. Frisco Kid : Badda Than Whole A Dem
  32. Tony Panic, Major Damage, John Forte : Guinness & Trees
  33. Tanto Metro & Devonte : Living It Up
  34. Tony Curtis : Aint No Mystery
  35. Lizer : Swear
  36. Future Troubles : 18/19
  37. Mega Banton : On The Go
  38. Jr Demus : Free Style
  39. Major Damage : Jump Off
  40. Major Damage, D : El Capo
  41. Cipha, Real Idiot, Jabba : Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

It all started with tapes of Sound System sessions recorded "live" in the Jamaican dancehalls, but in the nineties producers like Donovan Germain, Bobby Digital/Barry O'Hare and Dave Kelly, to name a few, started to release mix cd's in an attemp to re-create the dancehall vibe in the studio. Nowadays mix cd's aka juggling cd's are common property and they regularly appear on a variety of labels in order to satisfy the avid fan who's always looking for the latest and hottest sounds from yard. And now we're treated to the John Shop Records release "Diamond Vol. 3", which brings us the real dancehall party vibe non-stop. Not only top artists of the day are featured on this set, but there are also some veterans included on this set who prove that they are still able to deliver a wicked cut for a contemporary dancehall beat. Take for example roots singer Yami Bolo whose "Reasons" is a real bad effort across the "Right Light City" riddim. This "Diamond" collection contains some 40 dancehall tracks across 7 notable riddims from producers such as Teethimus, Yami Bolo & Charlemagne, D. Dubbie and hitmaker Tony "CD" Kelly. All tunes are expertly mixed together by Jabba (of Massive B fame) & DJ Cipha, who at the end bring in two nice hip hop tunes performed by Major Damage.
This dancehall selection is truly entertaining and has nuff wicked tunes to enjoy!!

Teacher & Mr. T.