Various artists album review
Ruff Cutt Dj Bonanza
Tabou 1-Walboomers Music
30 - 07 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Red Rat, Goofy & Phoebe - Doing Our Thang
  2. Matlock - Prang Prang
  3. Chukki Starr - Praise The Creator
  4. Buddha Singh - So Jah Say
  5. Sweetie Irie - Resting Place
  6. Governor Tiggy - Miss U Bad
  7. Governor Tiggy - Who The Cap Fit
  8. General Levy - Hot Hot Hot
  9. Top Cat - Hassle Mi Number
  10. Buddha Singh - Mamma We Love U
  11. Starkey Banton - Pretty Pretty Ting Done
  12. Tolla - Jump Jump
  13. General Levy - Levy Come Again
  14. Starkey Banton - African Witch
  15. Status Crew - Mash It Up
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3

The nucleus of the UK based production team "Ruff Cutt" consists of UK reggae vets T. Philips, C. Ogilvie and K. Brown. The album 'Dj Bonanza' collects 15 slammin' deejay tracks produced by the Ruff Cutt team. Although it's strictly dancehall/ragga style, lyrically most of the artists concentrate on conscious and religious themes. Chukki Starr delivers a very strong track with his praising anthem Praise The Creator. Even gruff voiced Sweetie Irie puts out a serious tune, singing about "where will I find my resting place, couldn't be in this babylon place ...Ethiopia..".
Junglist General Levy is found here with two pumping dancehall shots; Hot Hot Hot and Levy Come Again. Newcomer Buddha Singh stays lyrically interesting in So Jah Say and he speeds up the pace in Mama We Love You. In Pretty Pretty Ting Done Starkey Banton superbly reworks a classic rocksteady tune -Come On Little Girl by The Melodians- , and with African Witch he reverts to the fast speed rapping days of the eighties.
The album opener Doing Our Tang is a floor filler by the trio Red (Oh No..) Rat, Goofy and Phoebe. Promising newcomer singjay Governor Tiggy works perfectly with the riddim in Who The Cap Fit after he has delivered the heartbreaking lovers tune Miss U Bad.
An album worthwhile checking out !

Teacher & Mr. T.