Album review
Trojan D.J. Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set

Tracking list

    Disc 1.

  1. Big Youth - Screaming Target
  2. U Roy - Festival Wise
  3. Shorty - Yamaha Skank
  4. Winston Williams - D.J.'s Choice
  5. I Roy & The Jumpers - Hot Bomb
  6. Dennis Alcapone - King Of Kings
  7. Dave Barker - I Got To Get Away
  8. Big Youth - Pride And Joy Rock
  9. Lizzy - Love Is A Treasure
  10. U Roy - The Tide Is High
  11. Scotty - Riddle This
  12. I Roy - Blackman Time
  13. King Stitt & Andy Capp - Herbsman (Shuffle)
  14. Blake Boy - Cambodia
  15. Big Youth - S 90 Skank
  16. Winston Prince - Place Called Africa
  17. U Roy - Earthquake
    Disc 2.

  1. Scotty - Clean Race
  2. Dennis Alcapone - Spanish Amigo
  3. I Roy - Buck And The Preacher
  4. Phillip Samuels - Hot Stick Version
  5. Big Youth - Be Careful
  6. U Roy - True True
  7. King Stitt - Vigerton 2
  8. I Roy - Cow Town Skank
  9. Dennis Alcapone - Teach The Children
  10. I Roy - Red Gold And Green
  11. Scotty - Draw Your Brakes
  12. Sir Lord Comic - Jack Of My Trade
  13. Big Youth - Moving Version
  14. King Iwah - Give I Power Version
  15. U Roy - Flashing My Whip
  16. King Stitt - Fire Corner
  17. Dennis Alcapone - Ripe Cherry
    Disc 3.

  1. Cat Campbell - Hammering
  2. Charlie Ace - Shock & Shake
  3. Herman - To The Fields
  4. Scotty - I Worry
  5. I Roy - Tripe Girl
  6. Big Youth - Dreamland Version
  7. Dennis Alcapone - The Great Woggie
  8. U Roy - Love I Tender
  9. Lloyd Young - High Explosion
  10. Dave Barker - Wet Version
  11. Scotty - Children Children
  12. Lizzy - The Right Song
  13. Big Youth - The Killer
  14. Prince Heron - Ten Commandments
  15. Dennis Alcapone - D.J.'s Choice
  16. I Roy - Dr. Phibbs
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

"Wake the town and tell the people..." marked the definite entrance of deejay music on disc as it is the intro of the first deejay tune that made it to the # 1 position on the charts, thus paving the way for a new musical trend that continued during the roots era and is still very alive today as it became an essential part of ragga and dancehall music. Furthermore it was an inspiration and strong influence for other kinds of music like e.g. Rap or R 'N' B. Although Jamaican deejay records can be traced back to the ska era and "boss deejay" King Stitt was the first to have hits it was U Roy who originated "deejay music" in the early seventies. It was mainly because of the unprecendented popularity of his early records (at one time he even had the top three records on the charts) and the influence of his style that U Roy is referred to as the "Originator". Although U Roy's first hit records aren't included on the three discs of this "Limited Edition" box set there are enough deejay tunes from the late sixties and the seventies to enjoy. Of course, U Roy himself and his most important successors Dennis Alcapone, Scotty, Big Youth and I Roy are represented here, all delivering great and solid cuts. But also some of the lesser known deejays from that period can be found on this compilation so that one can witness that not only the big names are well worth checking out. This "Trojan D.J. Box Set" contains great music - with sometimes a good sense of fun - from the past and can be seen as an excellent introduction to the origin of nowadays deejay music.

Teacher & Mr. T.