Various artists album review
Double Trouble Reggae Volume 2
Double Trouble Reggae
December 31 - 2004

Tracking list

  1. Soon Come - Eddie Murray & Cheryl McDonald
  2. She's For Real - Eddie Murray & Major Danger
  3. Why Why You So Shy - Eddie Murray & DJ Storm
  4. Love Letter - Eddie Murray
  5. I Feel For You - Pad Anthony
  6. Dance Ram - Eddie Murray & Major Danger
  7. Run Come - Admiral Tibbet
  8. Ram It Again - Pad Anthony
  9. When I Wake Up In The Morning - Shirley B
  10. Mi-Talk, And Mi-Talk, And Mi-Talk - Eddie Murray
  11. We Play Reggae This Way - Eddie Murray & Major Danger
  12. Rush And Hurry - Eddie Murray & Major Danger
  13. Inspector Brown & Corporal Bribe It - Eddie Murray & Major Danger
  14. Next Plane - Eddie Murray
  15. Tell Them Again - Eddie Murray
  16. Bonus Track - Unknown
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Double Trouble Reggae Volume I received an fine welcome when it was released about 7 years ago. It was a two riddim album featuring reggae veterans Pad Anthony and Admiral Tibet alongside some newcomers. It was a fine album with outstanding tracks by Renegade & Eddie Murray, Pad Anthony and Admiral Tibet.
Double Trouble Reggae, Volume II, results from the musical collaboration of select recording artists, including Eddie Murray and the aforementioned reggae veterans Pad Anthony and Admiral Tibbet. Further artists lining up are Shirley B, Major Danger, Cheryl McDonald, and DJ Storm. These artists bring forward their personal unique styles. The lead track, Soon Come, pretty much sums up a popular attitude of reggae enthusiasts towards matters others perceive as urgent. Eddie Murray and Cheryl McDonald does a fantastic job on this track. Renown dancehall deejay Major Danger delivers excellent contributions on the tracks he does with vocalist and producer Eddie Murray. Eddie Murray was born in Jamaica where he experienced the collective musical influences and the passion of the people to give what we all call Reggae music. He spent much of his growing years with his mom in New York as he did with his grandma in Jamaica. The molding of his close-knit family continued with his schooling, and much credit is given to his teachers at Cairn Curran, and Holly Hill Primary Schools, Darliston All-Age, and Dunrobin High School. Most of the summer months of his youth was spent in Jones Town, Kingston, where the Saturday night "tenement yard" dance was a weekly event. The Sound Systems with earth shattering oversized base speakers and blaring tweeters and horns could be heard from miles around, and up close, the deep sounds would pound your chest and cause a tremble. These experiences helped to influence Murray to develop a burning desire to pursue a musical career. Born with the passion of Reggae, Murray sharpened his skills as he learned from the "Masters" before him. He made regular trips back to Jamaica and annually to Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay. All the major recording artists came home to perform at this world renown event so this was a great opportunity to experience the masters at their trade.
Check out track 2, She's For Real, a great effort riding the immortal 'Gunman' riddim. We Play Reggae This Way and Rush and Hurry are two other fine tracks from the duo, but we like best Dance Ram. With deejay DJ Storm he teams up for the lovers song Why Why You So Shy, a tune that comes across the 'Cherry Oh Baby' riddim. Another nice love song comes from Pad Anthony as he brings I Feel For You. The same vocalist is responsible for the instant dancehall boomshot Ram It Again. On the same riddim as Pad Anthony's I Feel For You you will hear Admital Tibet as he brings the rootical tune Run Come. The album is supported by the engineering team of Jah Mike, Phillip Smart, and Tony Bowman, who are undoubtedly some of the best in the business.
All in all the follow up to Double Trouble Reggae Volume I will please reggae and dancehall fans all over the world.

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