Down In The Ghetto ~ The Mixtape Album
Project Groundation Massive
December 30, 2009

Track list
  1. Ghetto Intro
  2. The Destination (Interlude)
  3. Jah Dan - Down In The Ghetto
  4. M1 Of Dead Prez - Rebel With A Cauze
  5. De Apostle - Where I'm From
  6. Jah Dan - Ghetto (Part 2)
  7. Mistah Fab - Where Im From
  8. Winstrong - Sounds Of The Gun Rmx
  9. Jah Dan - The General
  10. Team Shadetek feat. Skepta - Reign
  11. Spla I Jah feat. Karanjah - No Place
  12. Revalation - Spread Your Love
  13. Pressure - Pour Life
  14. Lutan Fyah - What A Woe
  15. Lutan Fyah feat. Midnite - No Matter What The Crisis
  16. M1, Knaan & Stori James - Til We Get There Rmx
  17. De Apostle - Revolutionary Rmx
  18. Sizzla - Evacuate The Rmx
  19. Capleton - Ton A Rmx
  20. Revalation - Evil Doers
  21. De Apostle - Apocolypto
  22. Revalation - Evil Doers
  23. Gounzman - Humble
  24. Royal Dainties - One Aim
  25. Gounzman - Humble
  26. De Apostle, Binghi Ghost, Batch, Army, Daga,niyorah & Pressure - VI Medley
  27. Days Of The Gun (Interlude)
  28. M1 of Dead Prez - Angels
  29. Mistah Fab, The Jacka, M1 & Umi - Ghetto Remix
  30. Sizzla - Best In Life (Part 2)
  31. Gyptian - Crazy World
  32. Sizzla - Best In Life (Part 2)
  33. Winstrong - Freedom
  34. Lady Passion - Chasing You
  35. Lutan Fyah - Crush Dem
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Oakland's DJ Child, founder of Project Groundation Massive (P.G.M.) is an award winning DJ/producer whose Mixtape projects have gained critical acclaim and international attention from both hip-hop and reggae dancehall massives. Since he appeared on the scene with his very first mixtape album "PGM Volume 1: Groundation", Child has won numerous accolades, including "Best Mixtape DJ Of The Bay Area", "Best Mixtape Of The Year" (from Germany's Riddim Magazine, the world's largest reggae dancehall magazin),and "Top 10 Album Of The Year" (Beat Magazine, USA). It says a lot about the skills and talent of Child and the quality of his Mixtape albums which we've to admit is consistently good.

As already known from previous Child projects this "Down In The Ghetto" mixtape features reggae artists as well as a few conscious hip-hop artists coming from Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Trinidad and the US. After the nicely done albeit obligatory "Ghetto Intro" and "The Destiniation (Interlude)", things get started with the first segment, P.G.M.'s own "Down In The Ghetto" riddim. It's actually a foretaste of what one can expect to hear on their forthcoming release "Forward Ever, Backward Never". The "Down In The Ghetto" riddim turns out to be a real killer with Eek-A-Mouse's original vocals masterfully mixed into the riddim. Noble Society's Jah Dan delivers the solid title track, which is followed by a decent cut from US rapper M1 from the Dead Prez group. Also De Apostle's "Where I'm From" comes up with a real fine effort. Winstrong's "Sounds Of The Gun Rmx" is a strong piece that flawlessly bridges the gap between the "Down In The Ghetto" riddim and Shadetek's hip-hop vibed "The General" riddim.

Featured here are production works from Studio 340's Dean Pond and Eno including such great tracks as "Spread Your Love" ("Pure Life" riddim), "Flames On" ("Flames" riddim) and "Evil Doers" from up-and-coming young singjay Revalation and Pressure Buss Pipe's "Pure Life" over the riddim of the same name. In between there's also two tracks from Lutan Fyah; the powerful "What A Woe" and the outstanding combination with Midnite's Vaugh Benjamin entitled "No Matter What The Crisis" over Al.Ta.Fa.An's "Senior" riddim. From Trinidad comes Jahlight Records' mighty "Freedom" riddim with worthwhile efforts by Gounzman ("Humble") and Royal Dainties ("One Aim"). Sizzla's "Best In Life" and Gyptian's "Crazy World", the lead cuts on Media House's "Ghetto Soul" riddim, are worth hearing, while Lutan Fyah's "Crush Dem" rounds off this mixtape album in great style.

DJ Child's "Down In The Ghetto" mixtape album features vibesful street music with a message at its finest.