Dread Meets Greensleeves ~ A Westside Revolution
October 5, 2008

Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Dread Meets Greensleeves - a Westside Revolution Track list
  1. Wailing Souls - War
  2. Eek A Mouse - Wa Do Dem
  3. Barrington Levy - Mary Long Tongue
  4. Ranking Joe - River Jordan
  5. Beres Hammond - She Loves Me Now
  6. Toyan - How The West Was Won
  7. Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking
  8. Nicodemus - Bone Connection
  9. Junior Delgado - Love Tickles Like Magic
  10. Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Diseases
  11. Wayne Wade - Poor And Humble
  12. Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - None Of Jah Jah Children No Cry
  13. Tetrack - Let's Get Started
  14. Reggae Regulars - Where Is Jah?
  15. Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
  1. Home T, Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks - Pirates Anthem
  2. Frankie Paul - Pass The Tu Sheng Peng
  3. Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng
  4. Gregory Isaacs - Mind Yu Dis
  5. Shaggy - Oh Carolina (Radio Version)
  6. Krystal & Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age
  7. Mr. Vegas - Heads High (Kill 'Em With It Re-Mix)
  8. Beenie Man - Who Am I
  9. Gregory Isaacs - Rumours
  10. Alozade & Hollow Point ft. Mr. Vegas - Under Me Sensi
  11. Shaggy - Rub A Dub Wi Want
  12. Elephant Man - Elephant Message
  13. Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go
  14. Bounty Killer - Sufferer
  15. Sizzla - Love Is Divine
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Don Letts was born in London, England and educated at Tenison's School in Kennington. In 1975 Letts ran the trendy London clothing store Acme Attractions selling, electric-blue zoot suits and jukeboxes, and pumping dub reggae all day long. Letts was deeply inspired by the music coming from his parents' homeland Jamaica, in particular Bob Marley. After seeing one of Marley's gigs at the Odeon in Hammersmith (June, 1976) he was able to sneak into the hotel and spent the night talking to and befriending Marley. By the mid 70s Acme had quite a scene attracting all the like of the Clash, the Sex Pistols, Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smith, Deborah Harry and Bob Marley. Letts recorded a 1978 EP, Steel Leg v the Electric Dread, with Keith Levene, Jah Wobble, and Steel Leg. After Mick Jones was fired from the The Clash he and Letts founded Big Audio Dynamite in 1984. As of 1st April 2007 Don is now presenting a weekly show on BBC Radio 6 Music. At first glance Greensleeves latest entry in the field, with the approval of DJ Don Letts looks familiar, your right cause. Many of the tunes have already appeared on one - and in some cases several - Greensleeves collection albums in the last 12 months.

The first disc is a collection of solid reggae tunes. The Wailing Souls' War, Eek A Mouse's Wa Do Dem, Barrington Levy's Mary Long Tongue, Ranking Joe's River Jordan and Beres Hammond's She Loves Me Now have all been seen on other collections that were previously released and are already well known by most reggae fans. However, a closer look does reveal some interesting and personal picks on the first disc. Toyan's rub a dub influenced How The West Was Won and Johnny Osbourne's massive tune Folly Ranking is definitely a great choice. Junior Delgado, often overlooked by compilers, enters with Loves Tickles Like Magic. Wayne Wade's roots tune Poor And Humble is another solid choice. Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus make a welcome appearance with None Of Jah Jah Children No Cry. Tetrack with Let's Get Started and the Reggae Regulars with Where Is Jah also appear on this disc, nice to see that there are not only 'everybody knows them' tunes are listed here.

Coming to the second disc, which is mostly filled with dancehall songs, we see the same problem. Home T, Cocoa T & Shabba’s Pirates Anthem, Frankie Paul’s Pass The Tu Sheng Peng, Wayne Smith’s Sleng Teng, Shaggy’s Oh Carolina, Krystal & Shabba’s Twice My Age, Mr Vegas’ Heads High, Beenie Man’s Who Am I, and Alozade’s Under Mi Sensi have all been around before on several other releases. The Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs is featured twice on this disc with the underrated Mind Yu Dis and the great Rumours. Shaggy who is also twice on this disc brings in a lesser known tune Rub A Dub Wi Want. You can immediately hear that this is the newer tune with Shaggy turning slowly but surely more and more to the dancehall scene. Bounty Killer is a must on most dancehall collections, and Don's pick of Sufferer is a right one. Sizzla rounds off the album with Love Is Divine, maybe this should have been on the first disc but it's still a nice addition to the collection.

Put your faith in the man Don Letts, this is a righteous selection.