Various artists album review
Rhythm Streetz Series #1 ~ Drop Leaf
Don Corleon - In The Streetz
Februari 14, 2005

Tracking list

  1. Intoxication - Gentleman
  2. I Believe - Maxi Priest
  3. Your Best Friend - Morgan Heritage
  4. I'm Sorry - Jeffrey Star
  5. Footprints - T.O.K.
  6. It's OK - Bounty Killer
  7. Be Strong - Sizzla
  8. For The Leaders - Luciano
  9. Longing For - Jah Cure
  10. Get You Girl - Anthony B
  11. After You - Tanya Stephens
  12. Drop Leaf Version - Donovan 'Don Corleon' 'Vendetta' Bennett & Nigel Staff & Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

My producer of the year Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, who since building 'Egyptian' together with and for Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis and producing the hit riddims 'Mad Ants', 'Krazy' and the extremely successfull 'Good To Go' and producing Sizzla's not by everyone well received "Rise To The Occasion" and a major contribution on the production side of Vybz Kartel's very well received "Up 2 Di Time", built together with Paul 'Teetimus' Edmund and Andre 'Suku' Gray the 'Trifecta'-riddim to take us into 2004. After hitting out after that in 2004 with H2O's 'French Vanilla'-riddim and his involvement in Purple Skunk's 'Marmalade'-riddim and In The Streetz' recent and very hot 'Worried'-riddim, he co-produced with newcomer Kirk 'Cool Face' Ford the 'Cool Fusion'-riddim, then released yet another very infectious and dancehalls worldwide ruling 'Mad Guitar'-riddim, before after a short time-gap releasing the 'Tighty Tighty'-riddim and dancehall riddim 'Slow Bounce', like 'French Vanilla' earlier in 2004, built with Nigel Staff for Michael 'Liquid' Brissett's H2O Productions being no exception to that, yet another great infectious bashment riddim, thus almost reaching the stages of single-handedly providing the main contributions to Greensleeves Rhythm Album series. As I said before, fortunately, and that's his strength, there's no downside to that. All riddims he builds or produces seem to be as strong as their predecessors, with his 'Drop Leaf'-riddim being his first and very well received release of a roots riddim, built with the assistance of his 'partners in crime' Nigel Staff and IRIE FM DJ Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris. Ever since I first heard the beautiful lovers tune opening this one riddim album; Gentleman's "Intoxication" from his highly praised "Confidence"-album in August last year, I've been longing for (pun intended) this 'Drop Leaf'-riddim album. Although in 2004 polls ending 2nd place to Gibbo's 'Hard Times'-riddim, for me the slow-paced shuffle that marries Nyabinghi drum patterns with a Spanish-sounding guitar lick to create a soothing, gently swaying concoction of 'Drop Leaf' is the Number One roots riddim of 2004. I was more than happy, that after ordering a couple of CD's at Münster's Irie Records its shop owner Carlo was kind enough to ask whether this album (about its release through Byron Murray and Clifford 'Mr.Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz - for whom Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennet built the 'Worried'-riddim- hasn't been made much pre-release promotion) should be included as well, that's what I call a reliable source for your reggae purchases (that can be made online as well). After Gentleman it's a re-invigorated Maxi Priest who smoothly delivers the excellent lovers tune whatever my eyes can see / my heart can feel / that's why "I Believe" in love. Morgan Heritage's "Your Best Friend" is a boom tune about best friends sometimes knowing more than husbands, but still trying to pick the said husband. Great harmonies, and some very much US-rap influenced DJing. Next up is newcomer Jeffery Star who also shines (alongside Pampi Judah) on German soundsystem Kingstone's latest riddim 'The Truth' with the well sung "I'm Sorry", before the first of 3 Jamaican No.1 tunes included on this album is featured; T.O.K.'s strong 'reality-gospel' "Footprints". Bounty Killa's attempt to sing instead of DJ in "It's O.K." might take a few times to get used to, but he is doing very fine actually, and his lovesong is heartfelt. The second tune that reached the No.1 spot in Jamaica is Sizzla's enormous "Be Strong" which is one of his very best tunes off late. Luciano too me was impressive on every riddim he's voiced in 2004, and the anti-war tune "For The Leaders" is among the best of all his output last year. The still imprisoned Jah Cure delivers one of his best tunes ever, and one of the strongest tunes on this overall brilliant voiced riddim, the superb lovers tune "Longing For", that also reached the No.1 spot in JA, and ruled the airwaves. More lovers from always (well almost, but for sure more often than Sizzla and Capleton combined) quality releasing Anthony B. who promises to "Get You Girl". The only lady featured on this riddim is one of the best female artists around these days, Tanya Stephens, who tells her former baby when you left me / my life was instantly transformed to hell before making clear that "After You" what am i gonna do she will put up her saddest face to have the judge give her the yard, now yuh can tell yuh friends yuh really have a bitchy wife / when mi stick yuh up / an clean yuh out like Lionel Richie wife / mi a take the house, the car, the children / your screwdrivers / even your powerdrill dem / all weh mi nuh need mi still a go tek / as mi did need yuh but dat neva stop yuh from yuh life, now....now after you / here's what i'm gonna do / after you / me ready fi enjoy me life / nah haffi worry / and everything so nice baby / after you....congratulations, mi hear yuh new girl's banged up / by di time di baby born mi a mek sure yuh bankrupt, closing the album with a very fine delivery of these entertaining (yet scary) lyrics. The great "Drop Leaf Version" for me proves the high level of musicianship of Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett, Nigel Staff and Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris and is, like this whole album, more evidence for me as to why one of its musicians Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon is my producer of the year 2004. This album is THE album recently released, that everyone must buy.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions