Various artists album review
Drop-Top/Di Nipples
CD / 2LP
20 - 07 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - How You Look So Hot
  2. Sizzla - It's A Scenario
  3. Beenie Man & ARP - Goodas Gal
  4. Mr. Vegas - Two Hands Up
  5. Elephant Man - Dem Bwoy Yah
  6. Hawkeye - You Hear Mi Told You
  7. Frisco Kid - Justice
  8. Danny English - Make My Day
  9. Lexxus - Nah Go Down Deh
  10. Merciless - Chance Inna Life
  11. Sizzla - She's My Lover
  12. Beenie Man - 1000 Wife
  13. Elephant Man - Nah Bow
  14. Red Rat - Inna Di Club
  15. Sean Paul - Pound Fi The Pound
  16. Hawkeye - Fresh A Fresh
  17. Elephant Man & Italee - Shake Yuh Ass
  18. Mega Banton - Any Gyal Mi Hold
  19. Stranger - Pop Di Collar
  20. Nitty Kutchie - If Yu Dis Wi
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since Greensleeves Records started to release the hottest hardcore Dancehall riddims and tunes on 7" singles they have become the up-to-the-minute barometer for all discerning Dancehall fans. The newest trends, freshest riddims and hottest artists from Jamaica became - almost instantly - available to an international audience. It made Greensleeves Records one of the most anticipated dancehall oriented record labels outside the Jamaican market. Meanwhile they have replaced their 7" releases by their powerful "rhythm album" series, but they have kept on doing a great job as they are still getting them out on the streets either before the Jamaican pre-releases hit or while they are just beginning to cause mayhem in the Dancehall world.
Number fourteen in the series features a red-hot selection of ten cuts each for the "Drop-Top" and "Di Nipples" riddims. The hard hitting "Drop-Top" produced by Richie B from the legendary Kingston based radio station RJR - features a whole heap of Dancehall heroes of the day, including the true name brand artists Capleton, Sizzla, and Grammy-winner Beenie Man. The wickedest cuts for the riddim are Sizzla's fiery "It's A Scenario", Frisco Kid's "Justice", Lexxus' "Nah Go Down Deh" and Merciless' "Chance Inna Life". From track 11 one is treated to the "Di Nipples" riddim, which is produced by singer supreme and new production talent Italee for Nipples Productions. Over a more melodic backdrop (compared to the "Drop-Top") Italee presents a notable line up of Jamaican artists again featuring Sizzla and Beenie Man. The latter's "1000 Wife" is a standout piece, with matching cuts from Red Rat ("Inna Di Club"), Sean Paul ("Pound Fi The Pound") and Nitty Kutchie ("If Yuh Dis Wi").
Packed with exclusive cuts this is another must-have set for the avid dancehall fan!

Teacher & Mr. T.