Various artists album review
Trojan Dub Box Set Volume 2 ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set

Tracking list

    Disc 1
  1. Sly & The Revolutionaries - Lambsbread
  2. Observer All Stars - Casanova Dub
  3. Tommy Mccook & The Aggrovators - A Loving Melody
  4. Prince Jammy - Fist Of Fury
  5. The Upsetters - Kingdom Of Dub
  6. Killerman Jarrett - War Ina South Africa
  7. Roots Radics - Buck Rogers In The Black Hole
  8. Linval Thompson - Channel One Dub
  9. Rupie Edwards All Stars - Buckshot Dub
  10. Gregory Isaacs - Reform Institute
  11. Niney & The Soul Syndicate - Smiley Dub
  12. Augustus Pablo - Well Red
  13. King Tubby - Dancing Version
  14. Scientist - Young Lover
  15. The Revolutionaries - Freedom Dub
  16. Truth Fact & Correct - Jungle Fever
  17. The Aggrovators - Since I Dub
   Disc 2
  1. King Tubby - I Trim The Barber
  2. Niney & The Soul Syndicate - Here I Come Dub
  3. The Aggrovators - Stop The Dubbing
  4. Sly & The Revolutionaries - Rizla
  5. Linval Thompson - Thompson In Dub
  6. The Roots Radics - Gambling
  7. Prince Jammy - Throne Of Blood
  8. Rupie Edwards All Stars - Dr. Satan In The Echo Chamber
  9. The Aggrovators - Straight To Channel One Head
  10. Augustus Pablo - House Raid
  11. The Upsetters - Bad Lamp
  12. Gregory Isaacs All Stars - Embarrassment
  13. The Observer All Stars - Silver Bullett
  14. The Soul Syndicate - This Is The Greatest Version
  15. Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators- The Mighty Gates Of Goza
  16. The Revolutionaries - Dub I Dub
    Disc 3
  1. The Upsetters - Bus A Dub
  2. The Aggrovators - Soldering Dub
  3. The Revolutionaries - Roots Man Dub
  4. King Tubby - Another Version
  5. Prince Jammy - Shaolin Temple
  6. Niney & The Soul Syndicate - So Long
  7. Winston Fergus - Long Time Version
  8. Augustus Pablo - Curly Dub
  9. Gregory Isaacs All Stars - Crofs
  10. The Roots Radics - Flash Gordon Meets Luke Sky Walker
  11. Linval Thompson - Nigrea Africa Dub
  12. The Observer All Stars - Mr. D. Brown Skank
  13. The Groovemaster - Tanglelocks
  14. Rupie Edwards All Stars - Strictly Dub
  15. Scientist - Scientist
  16. Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators - True Believer In Dubs
  17. Sly & The Revolutionaries - Acapulco Gold
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

Trojan Records has released another Dub collection in its acclaimed "Box Set" series, which happens to be of the same high quality standard as the first volume. Three CD's packed with 50 classic recordings from the Trojan archives brings the listener great Dub music from the early seventies, when Dub was still very much in its infancy, through to the eighties, when a new generation of mixing engineers mastered the genre. Included on this second volume are the mixes of renown, great dub masters like Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock, Lloyd "Prince Jammy" James, Lee "Scratch" Perry, "Prince" Phillip Smart and Hopeton "Scientist" Brown. They - and, of course, also others like for example Errol "E.T." Thompson and Sylvan Morris - were responsible for making Dub one of the most popular forms of Reggae.
Around 1969 Kingston-based producers started to issue singles with instrumental "versions" on the flipside of vocal releases, which were actually the basic riddim tracks. To these "versions" one could add further instrumentation or deejay accompaniment. Within a year the inclusion of instrumental versions on the flipside was common practice among the majority of Jamaica's producers. In 1971 the first real Dub recordings began to appear, with The Hippy Boys' "Voo Doo" - the version to Little Roy's "Hard Fighter", which was mixed by Lynford Anderson a.k.a. Andy Capp - now widely acknowledged to be the first recording in the genre. But it was pioneering sound engineer and sound system operator Osbourne Ruddock who did more than any other to popularize and develop the sound. He explored the possibilities of sound from his small studio, located at the back of his home, at 18 Drumilly Avenue, Kingston 11. The rest is history...
Some of the finest and most exciting moments from that history can be heard on this wonderful compilation set. A truly essential release for all those old and new Dub fans who haven't been able to purchase these Dub gems before. So.. get it !!

Teacher & Mr. T.