Various artists album review
Dub Decade
Various / Turtle Beach Country Club
04 - 03 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Patrice - Love Dub
  2. Turtle Bay Country Club - Silicon Dub
  3. Absolute Beginner - Pissen From Outa Space
  4. Turtle Bay Country Club - Sisters Keepers Dub
  5. Patrice - Good Dub
  6. Zion Train vs. Kastrierte Philosophen - Castrated Dub
  7. Das Department - Vernetzt Dub
  8. Jan Delay - Vergiftet Dub
  9. Di Iries - Dub
  10. Majestic Warriors - The Stock 3 Dub
  11. Readykill - Demon Dub Mix
  12. M. Arfmann - Nufield Dub
  13. Patrice - Fear Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Opening this album, by former Patrice producer and former member of Germany's Kastrierte Philosophen Mathias Arfmann, with a broad selection of dubs of tracks recorded at his Turtle Bay Country Club studio, is a dub of Patrice's "Love" from his debut album "Ancient Spirit", and this is a great almost ambient dub, that sets the tone for this album, featuring excellent dubs of "Everyday Good" and the full 3:32 dub of "Fear Rules", instead of the short teasing snippet of only 1:34 from Patrice's "Ancient Spirit" as well. "Silicon Dub" is the dub of a song Sisters Keepers song recorded in Denyo's Studio Vaul & Späth, and if you don't have a clue who Denyo is, and just to show how many cross-links there are in the Hamburger hiphop & reggae scene: Denyo is one third of (Absolute) Beginner, the same hiphop crew of which singer Jan Delay aka MC Eißfeldt aka Eizi Eiz is a founding member. Sisters Keepers themselves are the German-Nigerian Onejiru and Priti, closely related to the B.A.N.T.U. crew. The next song is a dub from Absolute Beginner's 1996 "Pissen From Outa Space", a track with a very strong old school dub feel, with Martin Wilkes, one of the co-producers of Patrice's "Ancient Spirit" getting into the picture as well, in a combination that even included now Germany's most popular reggae artist Gentleman. "Sisters Keepers Dub" is another Sisters Keepers selection, with real horns featuring prominently alongside Onejiru's voice in the mix, that has a jazzy vibe. In 1995 Mathias Arfmann and fellow Kastrierte Philosophe Katrin Achinger had their "Castrated Dub" recorded and mixed at Zion Studio by Zion Train. "Vernetzt Dub" is a dubbed version of a hiphop track by Das Department featuring a very funky vocal 'all over the internet' sample. Jan Delay's great anti-haters song "Vergiftet" gets a great dub treatment. "Di Iries Dub" is a 1993 recording in Jah Shaka / Alpha & Omega style, with Silly Walks' David Meyer as one of Di Iries' members, who would reach even greater heights with their 1996 album "Di Iries In Roots Meets Alpha & Omega". "The Stock 3 Dub" by Majestic Warriors is modern digi-dub by Cologne's 70s sound specialists, while Readykill's "Demon Dub Mix" is a dub of a very sinister sounding all scratched up hiphoptrack, with a doorpeep and dark vocal 'let me show you something'. Mathias Arfmann's own "Nufield Dub" is a great track in the style of the real big shots of lounge and triphop like Thievery Corporation and Kruder & Dorfmeister or even Massive Attack . If you are into dub, like some experiments and you don't go out of your way for some hiphop beats, you have to get this album, and don't forget to check www.turtlebay.de.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions