Various artists album review
Dub Organizer Meets The Rock
Massive B
28 - 11 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Morgan Heritage (feat. LMS) - Heat Of The Battle
  2. Anthony B - Black Survivor
  3. King Kong - Jah's My Best Friend
  4. Burro Banton - Africans
  5. Chronicle - Mr. Shotta Man
  6. Norris Man - Live Upright
  7. Steve Machete - Dem A Pagan
  8. Chezidek - Holy Mount Zion
  9. Bounty Killer - Sunfest (Radio Mix)
  10. Elephant Man - What It's Not
  11. Assasin - Let Me Through
  12. Spragga Benz - Katty
  13. Wayne Marshall - Champagne Wishes
  14. Chico - You A Fossy
  15. Ricky Rudie - Got My Sean John
  16. Frisco Kid - Logon
  17. Hawkeye - You Got It
  18. Anthony B - A True
  19. Major Mackarel - Problem
  20. Bounty Killer - Sunfest (X-Rated)
  21. Burro Banton - On The Road
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

On Massive B's brandnew compilation set "Dub Organizer Meets The Rock" one is treated to the same concept producer Bobby Konders utilized for its predecessor "2-G-1 Answer Meets Dun Dem". Again one gets cuts across a reactivated classic riddim track alongside pieces for a fresh original riddim. Tracks 1-8 are delivered over a classic Studio One riddim, later used by Lee Perry for a tune called "Dub Organiser" which actually was one of King Tubby's earliest mixes on 7" inch. Massive B's new version of "Dub Organizer" comes from such experienced and fine musicians as The Roots Radics Band, Dean Fraser and Bongo Herman. They have laid a truly wicked backdrop thus providing the perfect vehicle for the conscious deliveries of well respected cultural artists like Morgan Heritage, Anthony B and Norris Man. Every single cut has its own merits, is well worth hearing and can be played over and over again. Eight entertaining efforts which range from solid to excellent, sure to kick up at any roots dance. Personal favourites are Morgan Heritage's "Heat Of The Battle", Anthony B's "Black Survivor", King Kong's "Jah Is My Best Friend", Burro Banton's "Africans" and Norris Man's "Live Upright".
Then tracks 9-21 over "The Rock" riddim, which carries a completely different mood. Built by Superwitch and the hot and much anticipated Ward 21 crew this thumping dancehall riddim is set to blaze the airwaves and dancefloors. "The Rock" will surely take its place among Bobby Konder's most notable riddims. The notorious Bounty Killer, the infamous Elephant Man, The underrated Chico and the durable Burro Banton - who has recorded regularly for Massive B - make strong contributions, while efforts from the other artists are not far behind. Especially Assasin's "Let Me Through", Wayne Marshall's "Champagne Wishes" and Ricky Rudie's "Got My Sean John" deserve a push on the repeat button.
Don't overlook "Dub Organizer Meets The Rock" if you are checking the racks in your record store!

Teacher & Mr. T.