Dubvision II
Time Tools Recordings
CD / Digital Download
September 25, 2009

Track list
  1. André's Dub - Far East Band
  2. Natty Dub - Far East Band
  3. Money Dub - Far East Band
  4. See Me Dub - Tamika & Mamadee with Far East Band
  5. Evolution Dub - Gentleman with Far East Band
  6. Tranquility Dub - Gentleman with Far East Band
  7. Soul Dub Evolution - The Vision
  8. Tell Me Dub - The Vision
  9. Session Dub - Staccato Allstars
  10. Country Dub - Herbman Band
  11. Mental Healing Dub - The Vision
  12. Dub Don't Come Easy - Herbman Band
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
During the 1980s Felix Wolter was drummer of German new wave band Der Moderne Man, bassplayer for Mythen In Tüten, livesession drummer for 39 Clocks, Beauty Contest and Nikki Sudden, established glampunkband Children Of The Revolution and the reggaebands Radication Squad, the Vision and (all female except for him as male drummer) punkreggaeband Visionairies and he spent time hanging out in London in the UK and on Dominica in the Carribean. In the early 90s he was touring and recording with the Vision, starting dub & downtempo projects Trance Vision Steppers (all about the mystery of Chinese fortune cookies and other wonders of the universe and Pre Fade Listening. In 1998 Felix Wolter was a founding member of studio cooperative Time Tools in Hannover and since 1999 he explores subfrequency diving with George Solar as Chin Chillaz, but on this "Dubvision II" album for Time Tools Recording in association with Perkussion & Elektronik he concentrates on 20 years of reggae(dub) music in Germany.

And Felix Wolter truly has been a founding member of the German dubscene (with the Vision) and constant warrior in the frontline of German reggae music (as he still is a member of the here on several tunes featured band backing Gentleman, formerly as Far East Band currently as the Evolution Band). This album reworks instrumentals from the recent and far past, for a brilliant balanced collection of dubreggae from Germany, with the three Far East Band, the Tamika & Mamadee and two Gentleman dubs making clear how great the backing for Gentleman always has been, something the Far East Band including Felix Wolter as engineer & co-producer also showed with their "Tough Enough" 2 years ago. Three magnificent dubreworkings of tunes by the Felix Wolter founded primaeval German reggae band The Vision and two by (Gracy's) Herbman Band also get the dub treatment by Felix alter ego Dubvisionist for a 12 track strong "Dubvision II" dub album that is able to compete for sheer brilliancy with many a British or Jamaican acclaimed dub set. I bought my copy from another German reggae-scene veteran at Münster's Irie Records and highly recommend you to do the same!