Dub Zealand
Green Queen Music
March 26, 2011

Track list
  1. The Black Seeds - Struggler's Dub
  2. Dub Terminator - Big Up Riddim
  3. Rhombus In Dub feat. Deadly Hunta - Dem Only Know (Dem Only Dub Mix)
  4. Unitone HiFi - Up To Eleven
  5. The Red Eyes - Arms Over Jordan (Deep Fried Dub Remix)
  6. International Observer - Popcorn (BDO Opium Den Remix)
  7. Jefferson Belt - The Creeping Tings Of The Earth
  8. Sola Rosa feat. Bajka - Lady Love (Richie Poe Instrumental Mix)
  9. The Nomad - Give Some Dub
  10. Knights Of The Dub Table - Sing It To Me (Tikidub Sings It-Tiki Taane Remix)
  11. Sola Rosa - Haunted Out-Take (Interlude)
  12. Pitch Black - South Of The Line
  13. Katchafire - Collie Herb Man (Joost Langveld & Roger Perry Reactor Dub)
  14. Jstar & Dr. Cat - Blessing
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Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
With the release of "Dub Zealand", the London-based Green Queen Music label takes the listener on an adventurous trip down-under, to the two islands forming the "Land of the White Cloud" aka New Zealand, to explore the country's hidden reggae and dub treasures.

This limited edition digipack -- with remarkable artwork from NZ's Cut Collective -- features fourteen tracks from artists that are part of a surprisingly blooming Aotearoan reggae scene. Apart from perhaps The Black Seeds, Unitone Hi-Fi, and Katchafire, whose names might be recognized by reggae fans worldwide, the other artists are still seeking for international recognition. So it's a good thing that Jstar and Luca Gatti aka Dr. Cat have put together this collection in order to give them some exposure outside their own country.

Bringing together notable dub efforts from different artists on one album makes that "Dub Zealand" incorporates diverse soundscapes. This diversity not only makes it interesting to listen to this collection of tunes, but it also keeps you involved till the end. The Black Seeds' "Struggler's Dub" with its echo-laden sound and vocals floating in and out the mix, Dub Terminator's slow-paced, heavyweight "Big Up Riddim", and Rhombus In Dub's weird "Dem Only Know", are worthy tracks to start off this album. From there it's also truly a joy to listen to tracks such as Unitone Hi-Fi's hypnotizing "Up To Eleven", Red Eyes' solid Steppers piece "Arms Over Jordan", Sola Rosa's digital dub workout "Lady Love", Katchafire's awesome "Collie Herb Man", and the intriguing "Blessting" by Jstar & Dr. Cat.

All in all this is a very nice journey into Aotearoan bass culture music.