Various artists album review
The Egg Files
Universal Egg
03 - 10 - 1997

Tracking list

  1. Ruts DC - Whatever we do (dub mix)
  2. Mad Professor & Johnny Clarke - Reggae music
  3. Marineville - Blackout
  4. Ism - Pincers
  5. Jah Free - Dub one another
  6. Vibronics - Awakening
  7. Sounds from the Ground - Sweetdust
  8. Tassilli Players - Moonwalking
  9. Zion Train - Cuttle fish
  10. Bong Messages - Vibes 23
  11. Penumbra - Panatonic analogic
  12. Extremadura - Gamma
  13. Power Steppers - Byte sized
  14. Captain Black - Powermix tabla
  15. Roberth Charlesworth - Haven brow
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

Universal Egg is a UK based record label, focussing on contemporary dub, soundscapes, world beats, and ambient grooves. "The Egg Filles" (a budget price sampler) contains 15 tracks (total time 73.41 minutes !) showcasing the essential groove of the record label. It'a a well balanced mix of hard to find tracks, unreleased material and tracks of forthcoming releases. Outstanding tracks include a new remix of the Ruts DC classic "Whatever we do", the Jah Free sound system dub "Dub One Another", and the Belgian Bong Messages' "Vibes 23". Johnny Clarke and the Mad Professor meet in severe dub conference in the early eighties track "Reggae music", junglists will find "Blackout" by Marineville very interesting while Ism hits hard with an early version of a favourite from thier energetic live show, "Pincers". "The Egg Files" is your ultimate chance to get in touch with the world of Universal Egg, you won't be dissapointed.

Teacher & Mr. T.