Entering The Dragon (Trojan Fan Club Series)
Keith Hudson
Trojan Records
May 4, 2007

Track list
  1. Blackbelt Jones (aka Entering The Dragon) - B. Ragga
  2. Man From Shooters Hill - Soul Syndicate
  3. Will You Come Out Tonight - Keith Hudson
  4. Now That You're Leaving - Keith Hudson
  5. Rage Of Love - Soul Syndicate
  6. Too Possessive And You Know It Baby - Keith Hudson
  7. War War - Soul Syndicate
  8. Like You Going To A Fair - Keith Hudson
  9. You're Still A Little Girl - Keith Hudson & The Soul Syndicate
  10. It Was When Friends Started To Talk About You - Keith Hudson
  11. I Don't Know You - Keith Hudson & The Soul Syndicate
  12. Oh No Not My Baby - Keith Hudson
  13. Words So True - Keith Hudson & The Soul Syndicate
  14. Misery - Keith Hudson
  15. Light Of Day - Keith Hudson
  16. I Thought You Knew - Keith Hudson
  17. True Loving - Keith Hudson
  18. Bandaloo Skank - Lizzy & Barnabus
  19. All That We Need Is Love - Alton Ellis
  20. Love Version - Soul Syndicate
  21. Exile Song - Skiddy & Detroit
  22. In The Burning Sun (Jah Ho) - Bunny Gale
  23. Strayed In Babylon - Keith Hudson
  24. Skin Him Alive - Dino Perkins
  25. Musical Rock - Lizzy & Barnabus
  26. Entering The Dragon - Soul Syndicate
  27. Lightning And Thunder - Barnabus
  28. Like I'm Dying - Keith Hudson
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 3 Production : 3 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 4
"Entering the Dragon" is another release in the Trojan Fan Club Limited Edition Series.

"Rage Of Love" sounds like an Impulse jazz label tune, fused with early Tubby's and a little soul. The mix is primitive, deep, with spiralling snare crack tone, and an eerie spliced vocal fading in and out of the mix.

"Man From Shooter's Hill" versions the vocal "Big Bad Boy", but with some quasi hard rock guitar floating through the mix, and the original jazz horns melody cutting in and out.

"War War" is yet another cut to the wondrous , dreamlike "Don't Think About Me/AKA I'm Alright/Melody Maker" -- the harmonica takes on a Delta blues heated swamp guise, the rhythm driven by a psychedelic ambience.

"You are Still A Little Girl Dub" sounds very similar to Dub Syndicate's "Pounding Systems: Ambience in Dub". The influence Keith Hudson had on early ONU Sound is apparent here in the massively amplified bass drum, roto tom, rim shots, spliced cymbal crashes and contrasting highs and lows.

The album features about sixteen bonus tracks -- Bunny Gale's version of The Viceroys' "Jah Ho" with its pugnacious garage dub bass line is a high point, replete with its haunting folk history lyrics evoking imagery of horror, recounting the slave master's deeds in the burning sun.

On the down side, some of the vocals really grate on the senses, particularly on the sentimental soul tunes, and much of the DJ work here is fairly generic and unremarkable. However, these tunes represent the creative insights of mid to late 70's Rockers styles, and without these innovations, later dub wise would have had nothing to build on. The debt ONU owes to these tunes is particularly obvious.

True, "Entering the Dragon" is not as intense and fully realised as "Brand" or "Pick A Dub," neither does it reach the heights of "Flesh of My Skin", but it is still, in places, quite essential, innovative music.