Familiar Roots Rhythm
Kleva Roots Productions / Zojak Worldwide
November 28, 2010

Track list
  1. Keera Rootz (KeKe) - Sweet Rub A Dub
  2. Determine - All Now
  3. Hero - No More
  4. PZed - Dem Nuh Know
  5. Asante Amen - Caan Damage
  6. Meekie Melody - Love Today
  7. Ilue feat. Al Pancho - Teach The Youths
  8. Teflon feat. Jah Balance - Set Back
  9. Bukka Buk - Blood A Run
  10. Judah Fari - Self Confidence
  11. SQJ - Mamma Nuh Worry
  12. King Showa feat. Viper - Come Over
  13. Icious Ras - Lose Her
  14. Elijah Dixon - Reality
  15. I Tamoya - Boast Bout
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
It was Jamaican record producer and artist Shawn Anthony Edwards aka Judah Fari, who started the Kleva Roots Productions company to uplift the people's mind and spirit universally through music. As a true rastaman, Judah Fari loves to produce roots music that carries the powerful message and vibration of those great ancient souls, and great gods, like Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Singer/songwriter Asante Amen (born Gavin Walters) is also involved in Kleva Roots Productions since Judah Fari asked him to be his partner, while a third partner is California based Jamaican veteran musician Owen "Dreadie" Reid (known from his collaboration with the Marley brothers), who supplies most of the riddims and mixes a lot of the company's stuff.

The lively 'one-riddim' set "Familiar Roots Rhythm", actually a strong remake of Gregory Isaacs' classic "Stranger In Your Town" from 1982, features tunes from partners Judah Fari and Asante Amen along with signed label artist Keera Rootz and furthermore cuts from well known artists and up-and-coming talents who wanted to lend their support to this project. Asante Amen's great "Caan Damage", Ilue feat. Al Pancho's uplifting Teach The Youths, and (Little) Hero's solid reality tune "No More" form the main pillars of this selection. However a number of others are also worth hearing including Pzed's "Dem Nuh Know", Meekie Melody's "Love Today", Judah Fari's "Self Confidence", Icious Ras' "Lose Her", and Elijah Dixon's "Reality".

Be assured we're going to hear more niceness from the Kleva Roots Productions camp in the near future.