Various artists album review
Dancehallfieber 2
DHF Records/Indigo
September 17, 2001

Tracking list

  1. Moin Moin (DJ Passion Remix) - Immo
  2. Noch Nie Gesehen - Nosliw & Youdon
  3. Händ I'D'Luft - Black Tiger & Royal Kid
  4. Stumme Königin - Clueso
  5. International Antastbae - Da Kee
  6. Zukunft - Jr. Randy & Ganjaman
  7. Die Sonne Sie Scheint - Jan Delay feat. D-Flame
  8. Null - Benjie
  9. Liebe Ist - Cheesevibes
  10. Mono - Mörderplates
  11. Wo Denn - Raggabund
  12. Psychedelic Kingdom - Seeed
  13. Mein Weed - Nikitaman
  14. Gut Brennbar - Nattyflo
  15. Schon Gesagt - Skeptikah
  16. Deine Reise (Digital Diamond Remix) - Samir
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

This album, that kept the fire burning ignited by "Dancehallfieber Vol.1", contains quite a few tracks by the usual suspects who shone on that volume and "Dancehallfieber Vol.3", like what seems DHF's main supplier Rootdown Records' artists like singjay Nosliw, here in a combination with female singer Youdon on "Noch Nie Gesehen" 'Never Seen Before', Monika 'Mono' Jaksche riding a Lady Saw riddim from Yard for "Mörderplates" 'Killerplates', Nikitaman and Nattyflo both contributing ganja tunes with "Mein Weed" 'My Weed' over Thilo 'teka' Jacks 'Sunday'-riddim and "Gut Brennbar" 'Good To Burn' also over a 'teka' riddim, as well as Raggabund on their original "Wo Denn" 'Where?' bigging up themselves and the Babacools-posse . Other artists who since this release have gained much wider recognition are Jan Delay feat. D-Flame, whose "Die Sonne Die Scheint" 'The Sun That Shines' was included on Jan Delay's "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels", where D-Flame's latest "Unaufhaltsam" was one of last years best releases for me. Benjie was finally able to release late 2003 his fine debut album "So Gesehen" containing "Null" 'Zero' but most prolific and most blessed with critics' and consumers' enthusiasm has been Seeed, the band that released the great albums "New Dubby Conquerors" and "Music Monks" as well as a string of riddims featured on 7" and EPs, and this March 2004 to be released as one of the volumes of the internationally acknowledged VP Records 'Riddim Driven'-series the phenomenal 'Doctors Darling'-riddim. Here Seeed contributes the then live-favourite "Psychedelic Kingdom". I did not, in spite of the catchy chorus, really dig (Flowin) Immo's "Moin Moin" 'Morn'g Morn'g', was thankful for the printed lyrics listening to Swiss duo Black Tiger & Royal Kid doing their "Händ I'd'Luft" 'Hands In The Air' in their dialect, and Cluseo whose "Stumme Königin" 'Stupid Queen' not only has great lyrics about spoilt 'little' women, but also features a great trombone riff and solo. Da Kee rides a hybrid of dancehall and drum'n'bass for his "International Antastbar", where Ganjaman and Jr.Randy chose a very sparse riddim for their "Zukunft" 'Future', and Austria's Cheesevibes rude a classic roots-style riddim for their 'soft' "Liebe Ist" 'Love Is'. Skeptikah delivers his "Schon Gesagt" 'Already Said' over Tom Topp's 'World Report'-riddim for Germaican Records that also appeared on the label showcase "The Excitement". The album, another fine eclectic overview by DHF's AIKA and Christoph Moser of the German(speaking) reggae and dancehall scene at the moment of its release, closes with the selfpenned R&B-like "Deine Reise" 'Your Journey' by sweetvoiced Samir who benefits from a fine mix and production by Cologne's production duo Roger & Shorty who also provided Gentleman with some of their production skills on his "Trodin On".