Various artists album review
Dancehallfieber 3
DHF Records/Indigo
12 - 05 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Freiheit Stirbt Mit Sicherheit - Max und Mackie
  2. Einfach Nur Ein Lied - Nikitaman
  3. Energie - Maxim
  4. Militaer - Raggabund
  5. Alles Oder Nichts - Lazy Youth
  6. Schau Nach Vorn - Natty Flo
  7. Sag An - Cheesevibes
  8. Geld - Thai Stylee
  9. Ganz Oder Gar Nicht - Nikitaman
  10. Gruenzeugkristalle - Ischen Impossible
  11. Das Dickste (Bushment) - Benjie
  12. Berlingua - P.R. Kantate
  13. Kopf Auf - Besok
  14. Mango Chutney - Milkman
  15. Mary Jane - Rootsrockers
  16. Zivicops - Mono
  17. Chillen - Mr. Carl Und Die Izul Band
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5

The latest release in the Dancehallfieber series of Austria's DHF (for Dancehallfieber) label is the third compilation of strong tunes by German, Swiss and Austrian artists bringing German lyrics over our favorite music. In the two years since last release German reggae and reggae in German have matured and gained some international impact. And it seems as if since 9-11 (2001) and the more conservative attitude of governments in the western world, the lyrics have become more socially and politically engaged, which is already clear in Max & Mackie's opener "Freiheit Stirbt Mit Sicherheit" 'Freedom Dying For Sure', over a horn driven riddim. Although the title of the next tune, Nikitaman's very strong take on Tom Topp's "Cure"-riddim "Nur Ein Lied" 'Only A Song', might lead you to think the contrary, this is a great tune against more right wing ideology, about feeling less comfortable, and needing to 'chill out' and Germany's politician 'Schilly' to 'schill out'. Newcomer Maxim delivers a sweet voiced take on Thilo 'teka' Jacks Rootdown Records' "Coming"-riddim called "Energie" about the need to 'charge your battery' to fight the powers that be. Raggabund, in fact a cooperation of German soundsystem MCs Criminal & Caramellow and MCs belonging to other German sounds, like Silly Walks' Lobstarr, has a strong tune on a nice riddim (because of its alarm-horn and driving bass over hi-hat percussion) very reminiscent of Seeed's "Electric-Boogie"-riddim) against the military industry and system "Militär" 'keine Cent kriegen die von mir, oh man ich zahl keine Steuern für das Militär'. Lazy Youth rides Ingo Rheinbay's latest "Pow Pow"-production, the "007/Shantytown"-riddim for his righteous rant about people having lots of money but no happiness "Alles Aber Nichts" 'All Yet Nothing'. Natty Flo delivers his singjays "Schau Nach Vorn" 'Look Ahead' over Beat Schmieda's great "Elemental"-riddim - on which four strong tracks were featured on the here reviewed first volume of Germaican Records' "Shining Stars Vol. 1" -, equally strong as the earlier Jamaican and German voicings of this horn embellished roots riddim. Cheesevibes' "Sag An" 'Speak Up' which style you like, has a dubby synth tapestry underneath for a tune with a nice combination of sweet sung and convincing DJ-vocals. Thai Stylee deejays in "Geld" 'Money' about the rich countries wanting money from the (third world) countries they exploited over Austria's O$$BO$$' "Boss"-riddim, a great riddim that has also been voiced by Tolga for "Pack Up" and in Jamaica by Loogaman and Sean Paul "Beware". The German energy-god Nikitaman gets a (justified) second track on this compilation with his great tune "Ganz Oder Gar Nichts" 'All Or Not At All' about focusing 100% and being consequent in everything you do, over Beat Schmieda's acoustic guitar flamencoish riff driven "Matador"-riddim, that was also used for Dr.Ring-Ding's "Millionaire", Mono's "Sag Mir Nicht", Thai Stylee's "Wicked Man", Skarra Mucci's "Hi Grade Days" and Lobstar & Caramellow's "Como Un Matador" in Spanish. All female band Ischen Impossible show their great abilities with their tribute to Sen-Sen-Sensimilia "Grünzeugkristalle" in a very catchy contribution, before Benjie (whose debut album "So Gesehen" has been released less than 2 months ago on DHF Records) rides teka's "Racer"-riddim for the partytune "Das Dickste (Bushment)". P.R. Kantate's "Berlingua" is for Berlin's slang the same as Smiley Culture's "Cockney Translation" was for that London-speak, and the tune is just as catchy. The next tune is by Daniel 'Mr.Besok' Döbner, who rose to fame as a grafitti-artist, and of course got involved in the hiphop-scene, but musically spoken since 1999 the lead-vocalist of the jazzy-ska ensemble Caribbean Beat Combo. His tune "Kopf Hoch" 'Head Full' is about the terrible feeling in your head the day after the party, over a cery nice updated version of the "Love Me Forever"-riddim. Mathias 'Milkman' Newrkla treats us to the most unusual track I have heard in a long time, not too say ever. His "Mango Chutney" is nothing more than a few times repeating of a recipe for it voiced over a bouncy riddim, wicked! The herb gets another ode in Passau and München soundsystem Roots Rockers' roots reggae "Mary Jane". Then one of the few European women who is able to really ride a riddim Austria's Monika 'Mono' Jaksche gives the "Elemental"-riddim its second treatment on this album with the excellent "Zivicops" 'Undercovers' about all those cops not wearing a uniform, in fact citizens wearing a mask. The last track on the album is Mr.Carl Und Die Azul Band's "Chillen" stressing the need to relax, something that will definitely succeed whether in your chair at home or on the dancefloor listening to the tracks on this all killer no filler release, to find out more about it, or the artists featured on it, check the site of DHF Records at http://www.dancehallfieber.com.


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