Various artists album review
Dancehallfieber 4
DHF Records-Groove Attack
November 15, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Dancehallfieber (Wer Kennt Die Frau) - Dr.Ring-Ding
  2. Dancehall Shit - Benjie
  3. TSP - Mono & Nikitaman
  4. One Destination (Wir Wollen's Schnella) - Culcha Candela
  5. Babylon Sag Mir Wo - Cheesevibes
  6. Cha Nüt Defür - Ganglords feat. Phenomden
  7. Er Schreit - Skyjuice
  8. Ganjatherapie - Raggabund
  9. Komm Und Bleib Stark - Ganjaman
  10. Boom - Ischen Impossible
  11. Clap Ya Hands - Kimoe & Harris
  12. Sound - IBK Tribe
  13. Berliner Bär - Mistah Bomsh & Breitammic
  14. Is Ma Ejal! - P.R. Kantate
  15. Hött Ned Morn - Phat Promo
  16. Wilkommen Im Club (Soca Remix) - Texta
  17. Die Zeit Kommt - Eduardo
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

18 months later the series is continued with this album, aiming to keep the fire burning started with "Dancehallfieber Vol.1", "Dancehallfieber Vol.2", and reaching the wildfire stage with "Dancehallfieber Vol.3". "Dancehallfieber Vol.4", yet another fine overview compiled by DHF's Christoph Moser, this time alongside Alexander 'Phekt' Hertel, of the German(speaking) reggae and dancehall scene at the moment of its release. Showcasing once again better known and just arrived artists, opening the dance this time is longtime German ska, reggae and dancehall stalwart Dr.Ring-Ding with his take on Germaican Records' Pionear & Tom Topp produced 'Messer Banzani'-riddim, providing a titletrack for the series with the entertaining "Dancehallfieber (Wer Kennt Die Frau?)". A new self-boasting Benjie-tune "Dancehall Shit" shows he stays at the level and remains true to the style he reached with his surprise hit "Ganja Smoke" from "DHF Vol.1", and the subsequent convincing debut album "So Gesehen". Mono & Nikitaman contribute the very fine "TSP" - which means being afraid of an opportunity vanishing soon (in German "TorSchlußPanik") - over a very nice Mighty Flores & Ralph Landauer (of International Dub System)-riddim reminiscent of the acoustic guitar driven dancehall beats coming from yard. Culcha Candela, who just aren't in my personal list of favorites contribute one of the best tunes I've heard from them, the jumpup-soca "One Destination (Wir Wollen's Schnella)". Austria's Cheesevibes deliver (like before on "DHF Vol.2" and "DHF Vol.3") a very catchy tune, asking in "Babylon Sag Mir Wo" where all the promised gold went while Switzerland's Ganglords make it once again clear that they can truly build wicked riddims with their 'Bonx It'-riddim, that has also been voiced by German Skarra Mucci , and their guest-vocalist Phenomden proves Schwizterdütsch is much further away from German than Patois from the Queen's English in "Cha Nüt Defür". Skyjuice is the absolute surprise on this DHF-release for me, with a brilliant Black Ark inspired riddim under the beautiful Jennifer Washington sung accusation "Er Schreit" about a boy yelling without being heard, crying without being comforted, freezing without being warmed, and dying without being rescued. Criminal and Caramelo, who just released their full lenghth debut album on Silly Walks, after impressive tunes on 3 volumes of DHF so far, contribute the excellent "Ganjatherapie" in their Raggabund-disguise, an anti-current-US/UK-government tune. Ganjaman rides a convincing roots-riddim by Sam Gilly's Austrian House Of Riddim for the conscious "Komm Und Bleib Stark" as appeared on the "Sam Gilly's House Of Riddim presents"-album , before all female band Ischen Impossible perform their strong "Boom" over Rootdown Records' 'Champagne'-riddim which producer Thilo 'teka' Jacks had already voiced by his own Rootdown Allstars on the label-sampler "Rootdown Allstars Vol.1". Kimoe & Harris ride the 'Da Big D'-riddim for bashment tune "Clap Ya Hands" from the early 2005 to be released EP "Ein Neuer Morgen", before Innsbruck's IBK Tribe combine good singing, good deep voiced DJ-ing and some high-pitched scat-like vocals for "Sound" over 'Sensay' Arman's same titled riddim. Mistah Bomsh & Breitammic ride a too much synth dominated Beatpete riddim for the very funny "Berliner Bär" about seducing girls turning out wrong. More synth riffs galore in Culcha Candela producer Krutsch's built riddim for P.R. Kantate's very catchy "Is Ma Ejal!" that emphasizes his position as lyrically strong entertainer he gained with tunes like "Berlingua" and his tribute to one of Berlin's Volksparken (Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park) "Görli Görli". Phat Promo rides Aron/Dubversive's 'Jihad'-riddim in an attempt to beat Phenomden in a race to DJ in the most difficult to understand version of Swiss German dialect for his "Hött Ned Morn". Austrians Texta return after a 2 volume absence with the fine soca "Wilkommen Im Club!". The latest tune on this 4th Volume rides Der Biber's 'Roots'-riddim as heard in its clean version www.reggae-zone.com on "Riddim CD 01", here in the Lazy Youth mixed version sung over by newcomer Eduardo for "Die Zeit Kommt". "Dancehallfieber Vol.4" is fully living up to the expectations listeners of the first three volumes have, another excellent overview of the current German(language) reggae and dancehallscene.