Dancehallfieber 5
DHF Records - Groove Attack
November 9, 2005

Track list
  1. Waisch wie s geht?! - Black Tiger
  2. Gwaany - D-Flame & Tolga
  3. Gut Gemeint - Nosliw vs. Maxim
  4. Never Look Back - Counterculture
  5. Wahnsinnig - Roots Rockers
  6. Augen Auf - Skyjuice
  7. Kopf Hoch - New Culture
  8. Radio - The Scrucialists feat. Phenomden
  9. Legt Eure Waffen Nieder - Ede Whiteman
  10. In Balin - P.R. Kantate
  11. Dancehallfieber - Ischen Impossible
  12. Gold - Mista Bomsh
  13. Papperlapapp - Texta
  14. Soundboy Disness - Raggamafia
  15. Sternstunden - Kimoe
  16. SOS - Mono & Nikitaman
  17. Tirola - IBK Tribe
  18. Jeden Tag Ein Bisschen Ska - Los Placebos
  19. So - Cheesevibes
  20. Bin Ich Selbr Rastaman? - Schwoißfuaß
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
One year later the series is continued with this album, aiming to keep the fire burning started with "Dancehallfieber Vol.1", "Dancehallfieber Vol.2", and reaching the wildfire stage with "Dancehallfieber Vol.3" and "Dancehallfieber Vol.4". "Dancehallfieber Vol.5", yet another fine overview compiled by DHF's Christoph Moser, alongside Sebastian 'Sensay' Arman, of the German(speaking) reggae and dancehall scene at the moment of its release. Showcasing once again better known and just arrived artists, this album's first track is by Switzerland's Black Tiger, the 1992 Baseldeutschen Rap pioneer (with "Murder By Dialect"), who in 2001 already appeared in combination with Royal Kid on "DHF Vol. 2". Next up is one of my all-time favourite German combinations, the extremely deep-voiced D-Flame alongside the Turkish in Walldorf by Frankfurt, Germany risen hiphopper T 'Tolga' Özbek, in the early 90s a member of rapcrew Positive, and now turned great reggae singer, with their great "Gwaany", of which the melody is nicely Turkish inspired. Rootdown Records labelmates Nosliw vs. Maxim are featured with their excellent take on Austria based Bassrunner's Sam Gilly built 'Burning'-riddim with the fabulous "Gut Gemeint". Counterculture look further than Jamaica for their inspiration, and their "Never Look Back" is a great more or less upful tune based on Francisco 'Compay Segundo' Repilado's seminal Buena Vista Social Club trademark tune "Chan Chan". Uwe Kaa, Andybee, DJ Jazzus and Doc Holiday of Passau's/Munich's Roots Rockers showed their extremely talented approach to foundation riddims and vibes as well as their fine bilingual lyrical approach on their debut album "Tanzen & Schreien" and "Mary Jane" on "DHF Vol. 3", and now combine both again to full effect on "Wahnsinnig". Skyjuice were the big surprise on "DHF Vol. 4" for me with their beautiful "Er Schreit", and the only 21 years old Jennifer Washington once again leads from the front with brilliant vocals on "Augen Auf". New Culture's "Kopf Hoch" is a more than decent tune, with nice vocals and a great horn riff, the Scrucialists featuring Phenomden conbribute the great Schwytzerdütsch-take min "Radio" spielt nur musig mit vibes over the Scrucialists' version of Delroy Wilson's 1971 smash 'Better Must Come'-riddim, and Ganjaman (and the band Feueralarm) really seem omnipresent on German artist and compilation album releases with their strong 'Too Long'-riddim, and Ede Whiteman's "Legt Eure Waffen Nieder (Friedenskrieger) is no exception on being a great voicing on it. The 'Berlingua'-chatting P.R. Kantate - with P.R. standing for Plattenreiter, the literal translation of discjockey - once again pays tribute to the city he lives in with "In Balin", followed by all female band Ischen Impossible walking the footsteps of Dr. Ring-Ding on "DHF Vol. 4" in contributing a tune with the same name as the compilation series "Dancehallfieber" and Mistah Bomsh impresses once again with the catchy hardcore dancehall tune "Gold". Austria's Texta ride a Sly & Robbie riddim to full effect for their "Papperlapap", while Raggamafia, Austria's Highhead & Danny Rankin of Weedbeat Sound, contribute the entertaining "Soundboy Disness". Kimoe follows his EP "Ein Neuer Morgen" with the great "Sternstunden" over the "Big Belly Family's first (and great) 'Flutes'-riddim, that before the fall-out with 0J36Records was scheduled to include also Anthony B, Degree and Burro Banton, but is surely going to make waves even when only German and Austrian artists will be released on it. Mono & Nikitaman deliver the nice "SOS" over the by Texta's Flip built for the Sound Truck label built and produced 'Toledo'-riddim, followed by IBK Tribe's fine "Tirola". "Los Placebos", the ska-band from the Ruhrgebiet, existing since 1995(!) contribute the very funny and sunny "Jeden Tag Ein Bisschen Ska" before Cheesevibes contributed the wonderful phantasy-story "So", a spoken-sung story with nonsense lyrics, but funny, and over a nice slow horn driven backing that was also included on their two months ago released album "Hop & Drop". The last track (I suppose tongue in cheek included) is not a new tune, it's the 1986(!!!) Schwoißfuaß reggae (pastiche(?)) "Bin Ich Selber Rastaman?", especially in hindsight a great tune. Once again DHF Records have recorded an excellent overview of the German/Austrian/Swiss reggae/dancehall scene, and there's no sign that this 5th volume is going to be the last one, neither being a next release of lesser quality than one of its predecessors. Recommended, especially if you can understand German lyrics, but even if you don't!